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Monty Roberts
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 Flag is Up Farms Regained.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Hastings Harcourt tell Monty he had property and wanted to open a full-scale thoroughbred facility?
(a) Santa Barbara.
(b) Santa Monica.
(c) Santa Ynez.
(d) Santa Ana.

2. What star of "East of Eden" did Monty befriend and show around the horses?
(a) Jo Van Fleet.
(b) James Dean.
(c) Raymond Massey.
(d) Richard Davalos.

3. What did Crawford Hall's family build him in Chapter 5, Flag is Up Farms Regained?
(a) A birdhouse.
(b) A modular home.
(c) A boat.
(d) A cabin.

4. After his accident, Crawford Hall's doctors estimated he would live how long?
(a) Five years.
(b) A few years.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Twenty or more years.

5. What did Monty's father find Monty's compassionate methods of training horses to be?
(a) Life-changing.
(b) Beautiful.
(c) An outrage.
(d) Inspiring.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Monty's father hit his horse with to "break it" in Chapter 2, Growing Up with Horses?

2. What percent of the thoroughbred facility did Monty receive with the option of buying in more later in Chapter 4, The Sand-Castle Syndrome?

3. How was one of the mustangs injured in the race in Chapter 1, The Call of the Wild Horses?

4. Clark Hall was the owner of what type of operation?

5. When Monty illustrated his method for a horse trainer he knew in Chapter 1, The Call of the Wild Horses, the trainer said that it was a what?

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