Objects & Places from The Man Who Listens to Horses

Monty Roberts
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Salinas Rodeo - As a teenager, the Horse Whisperer got a job locating horses and bringing them to perform in this venue.

Salinas, California - This is the town in which the Horse Whisperer grew up during the Depression.

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo - This is where the Horse Whisperer went to college, majoring in biological sciences with a specialty in psychology, animal science and agri-economics.

Laurellinda - This is a property that the Horse Whisperer located for a man named Homer Mitchell where he wanted to create a training facility where he could later retire.

Flag is Up Farms - This is the thoroughbred training facility that the Horse Whisperer originally created for Hastings Harcourt.

Buckingham Palace - The Horse Whisperer received an invitation to meet the Queen of England at this location.

The Wild Horse Race - This is an event that...

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