The Man Who Listens to Horses Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Monty Roberts
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Chapter Abstracts

* In Chapter 1, The Call of the Wild Horses, Monty Roberts introduces his love of horses and how his passion originated at an early age.

* In Salinas, California, where Monty grew up, horses were used for Wild Horse Races as part of the Salinas Rodeo.

* Due to the fact that horse meat was eaten during the war, the wild horse population had significantly declined in California, Nevada and Southern Oregon.

* At the age of 13, Monty Roberts offered to go to Nevada and get the mustangs for the show in the hopes of saving the lives of horses that may otherwise be killed for food.

* Monty describes his journey to Nevada looking for these rodeo horses and found that he did not have the time to properly observe the horses in their native habitat.

* Monty was also traveling with others who wished to...

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