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Robert Kanigel
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was it that offended Ramanujan when he invited some friends to dinner?
(a) The women declined a third helping.
(b) The friends wanted to use silverware.
(c) The friends criticized his cooking.
(d) The men used salt.

2. What were Ramanujan and Hardy looking for in their work on partitions?
(a) A way to define the number of partitions precisely.
(b) A theorem that demonstrated how partitions operate in series.
(c) A way to bridge partitions.
(d) A point at which partitions broke down for prime numbers.

3. How does Kanigel characterize Ramanujan's theorems and formulas?
(a) Odd by English standards.
(b) Immaculate.
(c) Universally recognizable.
(d) Almost incomprehensible.

4. Who was Neville?
(a) Ramanujan's ambassador to Hardy.
(b) The dean at the university where Ramanujan was doing his research.
(c) Ramanujan's Tutor.
(d) Hardy's ambassador to Ramanujan.

5. How did Ramanujan spend all his time on returning to India?
(a) With his wife.
(b) At the school where he taught.
(c) On math.
(d) With his parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What aspect of the English does Kanigel say affected Ramanujan?

2. What was the doctor's prescription for Ramanujan's condition?

3. What did Ramanujan say he was willing to do in order to come to England?

4. To what extent does Kanigel say Ramanujan blended in with Cambridge society?

5. What did Ramanujan and Hardy develop for working with partitions?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way was Ramanujan's experience of England similar to Ghandi's?

2. What accolades did Ramanujan receive for his work?

3. What did Ramanujan write to Hardy?

4. What problem kept Ramanujan from coming to England, as Hardy hoped he would?

5. How was Ramanujan treated on his return to India?

6. What was Ramanujan's response when Hardy asked him for proofs?

7. What problems did Ramanujan have on account of his Indian cultural practices?

8. What was the conflict between Ramanujan's family and his wife?

9. Describe Ramanujan's trip to England.

10. What is a formalist in mathematical thinking?

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