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Robert Kanigel
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kanigel characterize Ramanujan's theorems and formulas?
(a) Immaculate.
(b) Almost incomprehensible.
(c) Odd by English standards.
(d) Universally recognizable.

2. What does Kanigel say characterized Indian intellectuals' experience at Cambridge?
(a) Disorientation.
(b) Depression.
(c) Frustration.
(d) Alienation.

3. What practice does Kanigel say Ramanujan had difficulty adjusting to in England?
(a) English cooking.
(b) Wearing shoes.
(c) Afternoon tea.
(d) Speaking English.

4. Who was Leonard Euler?
(a) A teacher at Cambridge.
(b) Hardy's protégé.
(c) Ramanujan's tutor.
(d) A brilliant mathematician to whom Hardy compared Ramanujan.

5. Who met Ramanujan in England?
(a) John Littlewood.
(b) Hardy.
(c) Neville.
(d) Euler.

6. What was Ramanujan's intention when he returned home?
(a) To stay in India for a few years.
(b) To teach in India.
(c) Never to return to England.
(d) To bring his wife back to England.

7. What other Indian thinker does Kanigel compare Ramanujan's experience with?
(a) Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.
(b) Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
(c) Anant Raje.
(d) Ghandi.

8. Who learned of Ramanujan's arrival by the newspapers?
(a) His mother.
(b) His old patron.
(c) His in-laws.
(d) His wife.

9. What obstacle stood in the way of Hardy's plan?
(a) Ramanujan's poverty.
(b) Ramanujan's inability to get a passport.
(c) Ramanujan's resistance to sea travel.
(d) Ramanujan's intractability.

10. What was it that offended Ramanujan when he invited some friends to dinner?
(a) The women declined a third helping.
(b) The men used salt.
(c) The friends wanted to use silverware.
(d) The friends criticized his cooking.

11. What was the doctor's diagnosis of Ramanujan's illness?
(a) Cancer.
(b) Tuberculosis.
(c) Heart disease.
(d) Depression.

12. What is the state of Ramanujan's work now?
(a) Not completely published.
(b) Fragmentary.
(c) Not completely collected.
(d) Completely published and evaluated.

13. With whom did Ramanujan eventually begin to develop a real relationship, according to Kanigel?
(a) His patron.
(b) His wife.
(c) His in-laws.
(d) His old friends.

14. How does Kanigel describe Ramanujan's dress?
(a) English dress.
(b) A unique brand of slovenliness all his own.
(c) A hybrid of Indian and English.
(d) Traditional Indian dress.

15. To what extent does Kanigel say Ramanujan blended in with Cambridge society?
(a) Thoroughly.
(b) He remained hostile to it.
(c) Not very much.
(d) He was always in between cultures.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is NOT included in the list of people who have benefited from Ramanujan's work, in Kanigel's account?

2. What did Ramanujan's Master Theorem attempt to do?

3. What does Kanigel say prevented Ramanujan from getting the care he needed?

4. How did Ramanujan respond to Hardy's request for proofs?

5. What did Ramanujan petition Cambridge for?

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