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Robert Kanigel
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Ramanujan late for his wedding?
(a) His train was held up.
(b) He ran away and had to be caught.
(c) He became sick.
(d) His parents had to argue him into getting married.

2. Why was Ramanujan's scholarship changed?
(a) Because of his womanizing.
(b) Because he neglected his studies aside from math.
(c) Because of his progress in all his fields.
(d) Because of his rowdy behavior.

3. What did parents see when they looked at Ramanujan as a prospective husband?
(a) A criminal.
(b) A genius.
(c) A well-connected man.
(d) An unemployed man.

4. What were Ramanujan's parents getting impatient with?
(a) Ramanujan's failure to win prizes.
(b) Ramanujan's sloth.
(c) Ramanujan's scribbling in notebooks.
(d) Ramanujan's insubordination.

5. Who comprised the Apostles?
(a) Mathematicians.
(b) Undergrads.
(c) Religious leaders.
(d) Practicing artists.

6. Which god was Ramanujan's family devoted to?
(a) Shiva.
(b) Vishnu.
(c) Ganesha.
(d) Shakti.

7. Where had the author of 'A Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics' taught?
(a) Paris.
(b) Bern.
(c) London.
(d) Berlin.

8. Who was G. H. Hardy?
(a) Ramanujan's father-in-law.
(b) The mathematician who helped Ramanujan.
(c) Ramanujan's Colorado-author.
(d) Ramanujan's boss.

9. How does Kanigel describe the seriousness of Ramanujan's condition?
(a) Life-threatening.
(b) Not life-threatening but uncomfortable.
(c) Crippling.
(d) Debilitating.

10. Who are the Apostles?
(a) Artists.
(b) A secret society at Cambridge.
(c) Religious figures in Rome.
(d) Disciples of Hardy's.

11. What energy does Kanigel say Ramanujan redirected into mathematics?
(a) Political restlessness.
(b) Sexual desire.
(c) Troublemaking.
(d) Religious devotion.

12. What was the effect of Ramanujan's childhood smallpox?
(a) Spinal deformity.
(b) A limp.
(c) Pockmarks.
(d) Partial deafness.

13. What did Ramanujan practice as part of his religion?
(a) Vegetarianism.
(b) Community service.
(c) A year as a monk.
(d) Animal sacrifice.

14. What does Kanigel say people appreciated about Hardy?
(a) His irreverent sense of humor.
(b) His youthful beauty.
(c) His long lineage.
(d) His wealth and taste.

15. Who wrote 'A Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics'?
(a) Enrico Betti.
(b) Frank Nelson Cole.
(c) George Carr.
(d) William George Horner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Ramanujan like in school?

2. What did Ramanujan do while he waited for his wife?

3. Which person was NOT in the Bloomsbury Group?

4. How does Kanigel describe Hardy?

5. How does Kanigel describe Ramanujan's early temperament?

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