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Short Answer Questions

1. What cell is the king placed in at the Bastille in Chapter 17?

2. What is unique about the postilion of the final relay of in Chapter 8?

3. What two things does Aramis ask of Athos in Chapter 26?

4. What does the king claim to be suffering from to Valliere in Chapter 14?

5. Who told Porthos to arrive at Vaux twenty-four hours before the party?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is unique about the carriage that transports Aramis and Porthos on their visit to Athos?

2. What is Fouquet's first impression of the king when he opens the cell in Chapter 22?

3. What has Athos been preparing for in Chapter 57 and 58?

4. How does Anne of Austria respond when she sees both of her sons in the same room in Chapter 24?

5. In Chapter 1, how does Aramis define ambition to the prisoner?

6. How does Aramis's demeanor change in Chapter 8 when he writes a letter commanding Baisemeaux to release the prisoner?

7. How does Moliere end up tricking Porthos into being measured without him knowing it?

8. Although Louis refuses to relent and pardon Fouquet, what service does he do his wife in Chapter 54?

9. How does Philippe describe the appearance of Colbert in Chapter 10?

10. Why is Fouquet surprised that Aramis would lodge himself above the king in Chapter 11?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is Alexandre Dumas's writing style? Discuss both the mechanical aspect of his writing and his "voice" throughout the novel. Make sure to discuss what literary tools and devices he relies on most and what specific parts of the text reflect his voice?

Essay Topic 2

A recurrent theme in "The Man in the Iron Mask" is that of vanity, and how characters react when their vanity is wounded or bruised. Compare and contrast vanity as exhibited by King Louis XIV, Fouquet and Porthos and how it either shifts throughout the novel or remains the same. Discuss how each character reacts when their vanity is wounded and what this reaction infers about that character.

Essay Topic 3

In "The Man in the Iron Mask," D'Artagnan serves as an archetypal hero character. Using specific example from the text identifies how Dumas connotes the hero archetype. Is it an effective connotation, why or why not?

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