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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why won't the guards allow Fouquet to enter the Bastille in Chapter 22?
(a) They dislike Fouquet.
(b) They do not believe it is Fouquet.
(c) They are under orders to prevent Fouquet from entering the prison.
(d) There is a riot going on in the prison and no one is being allowed in or out.

2. How much money does Aramis offer to Philippe should he decide to go to Bas-Poitou?
(a) He doesn't offer him any money, only freedom.
(b) A large measure of gold.
(c) One thousand pistols.
(d) Ten thousand francs.

3. What aim does D'Artagnan suppose that Aramis has in his suspicious activities with Fouquet, Baisemeaux, and Percerin?
(a) The overthrow of Colbert.
(b) The overthrow of Fouquet.
(c) The attainment of a vast fortune.
(d) He does not suspect Aramis of have alterior motives.

4. According to Aramis in Chapter 1, who will come to fetch the prisoner in the future?
(a) Baisemeaux.
(b) Aramis himself will come.
(c) He does not tell the prisoner who will rescue him.
(d) The Queen.

5. When Baisemeaux hears the noise of Louis in his cell in Chapter 18, what is his response?
(a) He goes to see what the commotion is about.
(b) He laughs that the prisoner has gone mad as if it is a joke.
(c) He sends a guard to silence Louis.
(d) He is annoyed, but just continues on with his meal.

6. What does Athos provide Porthos and Aramis with in Chapter 26?
(a) Fresh horses.
(b) Fresh clothing.
(c) Food.
(d) Money.

7. When the king leaves the passage in Chapter 17, where is he taken?
(a) He is taken to a shack in the village of Melun.
(b) He is taken to a waiting carriage.
(c) He is taken to the dungeon of Vaux.
(d) He is taken to a cave.

8. What do the figures on the Bastille clock represent?
(a) The Greek God of war.
(b) St. Peter in Bonds.
(c) The three fates.
(d) A lion and several prisoners.

9. What does Aramis do when Baisemeaux is not looking in Chapter 8?
(a) He drops his hat out of the window as a signal.
(b) He steals the keys to several cells.
(c) He puts some sleeping medicine in Baisemeaux's wine.
(d) He switches the letter of release for a forgery.

10. Who gives D'Artagnan an order to cover Philippe's face with an iron mask?
(a) Fouquet.
(b) The Queen.
(c) Colbert.
(d) The king himself.

11. Why does Aramis propose they take their carriage off of the road so they can converse in Chapter 8?
(a) They want to abandon the carriage and not have it draw suspicion.
(b) He does not want to take the carriage off of the road, but wants to have the conversation immediately.
(c) The carriage is broken and needs to be repaired.
(d) He does not want another carriage to stop and offer assistance to them.

12. Why is D'Artagnan confused when Philippe (masquerading as the king) asks where Aramis is in Chapter 24?
(a) D'Artagnan does not know Aramis is gone.
(b) D'Artagnan does not understand the king's friendliness with Aramis.
(c) D'Artagnan believes that Aramis is on a mission for the king.
(d) D'Artagnan notices a difference in Philippe that he cannot identify.

13. How did the prisoner discover that the lady who visited him monthly during his childhood was the Queen?
(a) His nurse told him.
(b) He overheard his caretakers discussing her.
(c) A servant from the village informed him.
(d) The Queen herself told him.

14. Who told Porthos to arrive at Vaux twenty-four hours before the party?
(a) Aramis.
(b) The King.
(c) Monsieur Fouquet.
(d) D'Artagnan.

15. Where does Aramis invite Monsieur Moliere to go, in the beginning of Chapter 5?
(a) Vaux.
(b) St. Mande.
(c) Aramis's home.
(d) The the palace.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Percerin give Aramis to take with him at the end of Chapter 4?

2. How does Fouquet regard Aramis's act of abducting Louis XIV?

3. How much money does the king win during his card game at Vaux?

4. Why does Philippe totter and seem a bit unstable when he goes for a walk around the carriage in Chapter 10?

5. What reason does Aramis give for the cancellation of the king's morning meeting with D'Artagnan in Chapter 20?

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