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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 26, which two countries does Aramis claim to have relations in?
(a) Portugal and Spain.
(b) Italy and Portugal.
(c) Denmark and England.
(d) England and Spain.

2. What is unique about the ceiling of the king's bedchamber at Vaux?
(a) It is glass and can see into the starry night.
(b) It is pure gold.
(c) It has a large chandelier with 1000 candles on it.
(d) It has a painting of good and bad dreams on it.

3. Where does Aramis invite Monsieur Moliere to go, in the beginning of Chapter 5?
(a) St. Mande.
(b) The the palace.
(c) Aramis's home.
(d) Vaux.

4. What does Baisemeaux do after he receives the order for the king's release from Fouquet endorsed by Louis?
(a) He strikes his own jaw with his fist.
(b) He writes his account of what happened.
(c) He puts his head in his hands and cries.
(d) He flees the Bastille.

5. What question does Queen Anne ask Fouquet during the banquet in Chapter 13?
(a) She asks the names of the exotic fruit.
(b) She asks who is Fouquet's decorator.
(c) She asks Fouquet what his favorite dish was.
(d) She asks about Fouquet's family.

6. Who are the two masked figures who guard the king in Chapter 17?
(a) Colbert and Porthos.
(b) Aramis and Fouquet.
(c) Porthos and Aramis.
(d) D'Artagnan and Fouquet.

7. What does Aramis do to persuade Baisemeux to release the prisoner without further verifying the letter is not a forgery?
(a) He threatens Baisemeux with pistols to release the prisoner.
(b) He writes a letter verfiying the order.
(c) He claims that he saw the order signed in his presence.
(d) He gets Baisemeux drunk and then persuades him.

8. Who does King Louis blame for his imprisonment in Chapter 18?
(a) Aramis.
(b) Fouquet.
(c) Colbert.
(d) Himself.

9. What does Aramis give Baisemeaux when they arrive at the Bastille in Chapter 17?
(a) An order to reimprison Marchiali.
(b) The letter of release for Seldon.
(c) A large bag of money as a bribe.
(d) A sword.

10. What is Pellisson working on in Chapter 6, for the fete at Vaux?
(a) A painting for the king.
(b) The prologue to a play.
(c) A musical composition for the party.
(d) A song for King Louis XIV.

11. Why won't the guard fetch the governor when Louis requests him Chapter 18?
(a) He dislikes Louis and wants to punish him.
(b) He is busy and has other prisoners to attend to.
(c) He is deaf and dumb and cannot understand Louis's request.
(d) He supposes the prisoner is mad.

12. What motivation does D'Artagnan have to get to Vaux early in Chapter 12?
(a) He wants to rest for the evening.
(b) He wants to speak with Aramis.
(c) He feels it is the safest place for the king.
(d) He has plans to meet with his mistress there.

13. How did the preceptor and the nurse of the prisoner die?
(a) They were hung.
(b) They were executed.
(c) They drowned.
(d) They were poisoned.

14. Who comes to visit Athos after Aramis and Porthos have left?
(a) Fouquet.
(b) Colbert.
(c) Le Duc de Beaufort.
(d) The king.

15. How did Percerin receive his title as tailor to the king?
(a) He was elected by the guild of tailors.
(b) He won a design contest for the wedding of Henry III.
(c) It is a hereditary title.
(d) He was appointed due to his social connections at court.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives D'Artagnan an order to cover Philippe's face with an iron mask?

2. When Aramis relates the whole conspiracy to Athos in Chapter 26, what is Athos's judgment?

3. When Louis' bed begins to sink in Chapter 17, what does he suppose is the reason?

4. What finally convinces D'Artagnan that the king does not wish to see him in Chapter 20?

5. What does Percerin give Aramis to take with him at the end of Chapter 4?

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