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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 54, The Friends of M. Fouquet, Chapter 55, Porthos' Will, Chapter 56, The Old Age of Athos, Chapter 57, The Vision of Athos, and Chapter 58, The Angel of Death.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Aramis and Porthos know the father of the soldier they take prisoner in Chapter 46?
(a) His father attacked them on the first day of their friendship, when they met D'Artagnan.
(b) His father was a valet to Athos.
(c) His father introduced the musketeers to each other many years before.
(d) His father was an innkeeper in Porthos's hometown.

2. How much money does the king win during his card game at Vaux?
(a) One thousand pistoles.
(b) Three thousand pistoles.
(c) He loses money, but is given one hundred pistoles as a consolation.
(d) He does not lose or win anything, but breaks even.

3. How does Porthos kill the captain of the guards pursing them in Chapter 49?
(a) He shoots him.
(b) He drowns him in the river.
(c) He strikes him with an iron bar.
(d) He strangles him.

4. What does Aramis do when Baisemeaux is not looking in Chapter 8?
(a) He switches the letter of release for a forgery.
(b) He puts some sleeping medicine in Baisemeaux's wine.
(c) He steals the keys to several cells.
(d) He drops his hat out of the window as a signal.

5. What fate does the Queen wish for Aramis as expressed in Chapter 36?
(a) She wants him pardoned and to return to his previous status.
(b) She wants him appointed Prime Minister.
(c) She wants him imprisoned for life.
(d) She wants him killed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Colbert give D'Artagnan for conspiring against Fouquet in Chapter 41?

2. What does Colbert tell D'Artagnan to do at Belle-Isle in order to be promoted?

3. When Raoul and Athos arrive at Beaufort's house in Paris, what is Beaufort doing?

4. How many brothers does Aramis claim to have in Chapter 9?

5. What profession does Monsieur Lebrun hold?

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