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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 46, The Son of Biscarrat, Chapter 47, The Grotto of Locmaria, Chapter 48, The Grotto, and Chapter 49, A Homeric Song.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While D'Artagnan is looking for Aramis in Chapter 19, what does Fouquet do?
(a) He burns incriminating papers.
(b) He attempts to escape.
(c) He writes a letter to the king begging mercy.
(d) He stays in his bed and cries over his desperate situation.

2. When Raoul and Athos arrive at Beaufort's house in Paris, what is Beaufort doing?
(a) Packing all of his treasures to take with him to Africa.
(b) Taking all of his fine things to a friend's house for safe keeping until his return.
(c) Distributing all of his things of value to his friends and creditors.
(d) Selling all of his fine things to fund his journey to Africa.

3. What fate does the Queen wish for Aramis as expressed in Chapter 36?
(a) She wants him appointed Prime Minister.
(b) She wants him imprisoned for life.
(c) She wants him killed.
(d) She wants him pardoned and to return to his previous status.

4. What reason does Colbert give D'Artagnan for conspiring against Fouquet in Chapter 41?
(a) He was upset after Fouquet stole his mistress.
(b) He claims Fouquet was holding him back from greatness.
(c) He was jealous of Vaux.
(d) Colbert acted only on errand from the Queen.

5. Who makes an unexpected appearance in Chapter 4 and asks Percerin to make Porthos's outfit?
(a) The king.
(b) Monsieur Fouquet.
(c) Athos.
(d) Aramis.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the king angry at their slow progress to Vaux in Chapter 12?

2. Who waited on the king during the dinner during Chapter 13?

3. From studying the map in Planchet's store, where do Athos and Raoul suppose that D'Artagnan is journeying?

4. What reason does Aramis give for the cancellation of the king's morning meeting with D'Artagnan in Chapter 20?

5. Where has Planchet purchased an estate to live out his retirement in?

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