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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 46, The Son of Biscarrat, Chapter 47, The Grotto of Locmaria, Chapter 48, The Grotto, and Chapter 49, A Homeric Song.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Raoul see consorting with an officer while he is waiting for De Guiche in Chapter 28?
(a) Madame de Chevreuse.
(b) Louise La Valliere.
(c) The Queen.
(d) Mademoiselle Montalais.

2. What does Fouquet regard as good omen in Chapter 20?
(a) The early rainshower in the morning.
(b) The position of his eggs when breakfast was served.
(c) The position of his sword.
(d) The sound of an early morning bird call.

3. Who does Raoul go to visit first when he arrives in Paris in Chapter 28?
(a) De Guiche.
(b) Fouquet.
(c) Beaufort.
(d) The king.

4. How do Porthos and Aramis attempt to escape in Chapter 46?
(a) In disguise on a fishing boat.
(b) By wearing the uniforms of their prisoners and mixing with the attacking soldiers.
(c) They attempt to swim away from the Isle.
(d) Through the grotto of Locmaria.

5. What is title is Aramis recognized by in Chapter 1?
(a) Duke d'Isle.
(b) Govenor.
(c) The Bishop of Vannes.
(d) His title is not given.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 9, what does Aramis claim has consecrated Philippe to be king?

2. What does Aramis give Baisemeaux when they arrive at the Bastille in Chapter 17?

3. When Fontaine tells his companions of his first duel in Chapter 6, what is their response?

4. Where is Aramis's room at Vaux?

5. What type of advice does Athos give to Raoul in Chapter 33?

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