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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24, The False King, Chapter 25, In Which Porthos thinks he is pursing a dukedom, and Chapter 26, The Last Adieus.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Baisemeaux think that Aramis resembles in Chapter 7?
(a) Fouquet.
(b) Cardinal de la Rochelle.
(c) Monsieur de la Fere.
(d) D'Artagnan.

2. When the king leaves the passage in Chapter 17, where is he taken?
(a) He is taken to the dungeon of Vaux.
(b) He is taken to a waiting carriage.
(c) He is taken to a cave.
(d) He is taken to a shack in the village of Melun.

3. What pets does Percerin keep due to special permission from King Louis XIV?
(a) A rare set of parrots.
(b) Arabian racehorces.
(c) An elephant.
(d) A pack of hounds.

4. How does Fouquet regard Aramis's act of abducting Louis XIV?
(a) The fate of Louis saddens him.
(b) He regards it as a great crime and it angers him.
(c) He views it as great luck for him.
(d) He is indifferent to the action.

5. At what time of night was Louis XIV taken from his bed?
(a) Just after dusk.
(b) Just before dawn.
(c) Between twelve and one o'clock.
(d) The precise time of the switch is not known.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives D'Artagnan an order to cover Philippe's face with an iron mask?

2. What does Philippe hope to learn from observing the king unseen in Chapter 14?

3. In Chapter 5, Porthos has difficulty recalling Moliere's name correctly and instead calls him by what name, numerous times?

4. When Fontaine tells his companions of his first duel in Chapter 6, what is their response?

5. How did Percerin receive his title as tailor to the king?

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