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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 42, Belle-Isle-En-Mer, Chapter 43, The Explanations of Aramis, Chapter 44, Result of the Ideas of the King and the Ideas of D'Artagnan, and Chapter 45, The Ancestors of Porthos.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does De Guiche promise Raoul in Chapter 28?
(a) To keep a secret for Raoul.
(b) To defend La Valliere where possible.
(c) To make La Valliere suffer.
(d) To never steal another man's love.

2. What is the name of Planchet's intended bride?
(a) Marie.
(b) Anne.
(c) Truchen.
(d) Margeruite.

3. What does Aramis ask a fisherman to communicate to D'Artagnan in Chapter 42?
(a) He wants D'Artagnan to alert Fouquet about the attack of Belle-Isle.
(b) He wants D'Artagnan to come to the island.
(c) He wants D'Artagnan to leave with the fleet.
(d) He wants D'Artagnan to allow him and Porthos to escape.

4. What motivation does D'Artagnan have to get to Vaux early in Chapter 12?
(a) He feels it is the safest place for the king.
(b) He wants to rest for the evening.
(c) He wants to speak with Aramis.
(d) He has plans to meet with his mistress there.

5. Who does Raoul go to visit first when he arrives in Paris in Chapter 28?
(a) Beaufort.
(b) Fouquet.
(c) De Guiche.
(d) The king.

Short Answer Questions

1. What prompts D'Artagnan to suspect that Aramis is up to something in Chapter 14?

2. Who does the king request to see before he retires for the night on his first evening at Vaux?

3. What is unique about the ceiling of the king's bedchamber at Vaux?

4. What aim does D'Artagnan suppose that Aramis has in his suspicious activities with Fouquet, Baisemeaux, and Percerin?

5. Why is the king angry at their slow progress to Vaux in Chapter 12?

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