The Man in the Iron Mask Character Descriptions

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Aramis - This is a religious man who is the first to discover the true identity of the person who has been imprisoned at the Bastille for much of his life.

D'Artagnan - The character is captain of the musketeers and dies at the end of the novel after being hit by a cannonball.

Porthos - This character is a former musketeer who dies after a barrel of gunpowder explodes and a cavern collapses on him.

Athos - This former musketeer is very close to his son and dies from heartsickness following the death of his son.

Fouquet - This character is an advisor to the king who eventually frees the king from the Bastille.

Philippe - This character has been imprisoned in the Bastille for most of his life and at the end of the novel is forced to wear an iron mask for the...

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