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Chapter 1, The Prisoner, and Chapter 2, How Mouston had become fatter without informing Porthos, and the troubles which consequently befell that worthy gentleman

• Aramis, who has become a priest, comes to the Bastille to hear confessions from a prisoner. He has arranged the prisoner to ask for this confession by sending him a note that was baked into his bread.

• The prisoner is a young man who is filled with ennui, and seems somewhat resigned to his fate.

• Aramis tells the prisoner that they have met before and questions the prisoner about his background.

• The prisoner tells Aramis that he was always sequestered with a nurse and tutor from infancy and had few visitors, until one day he found out from a letter that had fallen into a well that one of his visitors was the Queen. After that episode the youth was taken away from the nurse and...

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