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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is Yukiko introduced to Saigusa?
(a) Weeks before.
(b) Days before.
(c) Months before.
(d) Years before.

2. What would have happened had Taeko been discovered at Okubata's?
(a) It would have been a smear on the family.
(b) Taejo would have been forced to move away.
(c) They would have been forced to marry.
(d) They would have been forced to stop seeing each other.

3. Where is Taeko at the end of Book III, Chapters 13-18?
(a) At Okubata's.
(b) At Taeko's teacher.
(c) With Sachiko.
(d) At the main house.

4. Why does Hashidera call Yukiko?
(a) To ask her to go on a walk with him.
(b) To talk to her about his daughter.
(c) To ask her about why she hasn't married yet.
(d) To call off the negotiations.

5. Why is Tatsuo opposed to Taeko learning sewing?
(a) It would be too costly.
(b) It would not be an asset in finding her a husband.
(c) The pay is low.
(d) He doesn't want her to be a working woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Book III, Chapters 19-24 open?

2. Why is Taeko's teacher canceling her trip to Paris?

3. Who risked his life to save Taeko during the flood?

4. What field does Mimaki shown some promise in?

5. What does Taeko do when confronted by Yukiko?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the fault of the family according to Teinosuke?

2. Who does Yukiko recognize on the train?

3. How do Teinosuke and Sachiko make decisions based on the conversation in Chapter 23?

4. What does Taeko insist on based on Chapter 24?

5. What happens with many of the family's friends in Chapter 29?

6. Why is Sachiko alarmed in regard to Taeko in Chapter 31?

7. What does Tsuruko seem concerned with in Chapter 22?

8. Why is there tension between the main house and the rest of the family in Chapter 8?

9. What bad news does O-haru bring?

10. What is a cause of concern for Teinosuke in Chapter 28?

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