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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Tatsuo and Tsuruko have to move into a smaller house?
(a) The house was more solidly built.
(b) Their lease was canceled on a bigger house.
(c) The house was in a better neiborhood.
(d) The price was lower.

2. Who sends a letter to Sachiko at the inn?
(a) Okubata.
(b) Yukiko.
(c) Itekura.
(d) Teinosuke.

3. What happens to Teinosuke on his way to Taeko's school?
(a) He saves a child.
(b) He almost drowns.
(c) He helps push a car off the road.
(d) He gets lost.

4. Why is Tatsuo slow to give an answer on the marriage?
(a) An investigation must be conducted.
(b) The mail is slow to reach him.
(c) He is busy dealing with a contract.
(d) He wants to think about it.

5. Why does Sachiko not want to urge Yukiko about a new suitor?
(a) She wants to find someone for Taeko first.
(b) The breakdown of negotiations is still recent.
(c) She wants Yukiko to be sure she wants to marry.
(d) She wants to make sure the man is honest before telling Yukiko about him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yukiko ask Sachiko for concerning the new suitor?

2. What classes does Taeko take?

3. Who deals with Mrs. Itani on the Segoshi matter?

4. Where is the main house of the Makioka family?

5. What photograph does Sachiko look at in Taeko's room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sachiko resolve in Chapter 7?

2. Under what pretext would the family allow Yukiko to return?

3. What breaks the deal for the marriage between Segoshi and Yukiko?

4. What does Aunt Tominaga insist in Chapter 22?

5. What measures does Teinosuke go to to assure Segoshi of Yukiko's health during the mutual investigations in Chapters 12-14?

6. What does Yukiko struggle with in Chapters 23 and 24?

7. What part of Etsuko's composition does Yukiko cross out in Chapter 8?

8. Who is O-Haru and what traits did she possess based on Chapters 4 and 5?

9. How does Book II, Chapter 1 open?

10. What is Sachiko looking forward to in Chapter 14 and why?

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