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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Okubata get many of the gifts he gave Taeko?
(a) From his family's store.
(b) From his parents.
(c) From the neigbor's house.
(d) From his brother.

2. Who joins Mrs. Itani in the quest to find Yukiko a husband in Book III, Chapters 13-18?
(a) Mrs. Itoki.
(b) Mrs. Kitano.
(c) Mrs. Sakiko.
(d) Mrs. Niu.

3. How old is Mr. Hashidera's daughter?
(a) 2 months old.
(b) 1 year old.
(c) School age.
(d) 25.

4. What does Tsuruko say about Taeko and Okubata in the letter sent to Sachiko?
(a) That they must move away from Osaka.
(b) That they must marry.
(c) That they must put in writting what their intensions are toward each other.
(d) That they cannot marry.

5. Who does O-haru speak to to get her information about Taeko?
(a) The Okubata's maid.
(b) A landlord.
(c) The Okubata's neigbors.
(d) The sister of Okubata.

6. Why is Mrs. Itani selling her shop?
(a) She wants to go to America.
(b) She wants to retire.
(c) She wants to start a sewing business.
(d) She wants to go China.

7. What does Sachiko sense about Sawzaki?
(a) He want to marry Yukiko.
(b) He is not interested in Yukiko.
(c) He is prideful.
(d) He wants to court Taeko.

8. What are Taeko's sisters trying to encourage her to do?
(a) Get her own car.
(b) Stayy with them.
(c) Go with Okubata.
(d) Go to the main house in Tokyo.

9. What does Yukiko think of Taeko and Okubata?
(a) They should marry.
(b) They should elope.
(c) They should live together.
(d) They should not marry.

10. Who is Mrs. Sugano according to Book III, Chapters 1-6?
(a) Tatsuo's mother.
(b) Tatsuo's sister.
(c) Tatsuo's hairdresser.
(d) Tatsuo's aunt.

11. Why does Taeko ask for money from Tatsuo and Tsuruko?
(a) To move to Tokyo.
(b) To marry Itakura.
(c) To marry Okubata.
(d) To move to Paris.

12. Why is Okubata upset at Sachiko?
(a) Sachiko has Taeko moved to a private hospital.
(b) Sachiko told Okubata's family about him hosting Taeko.
(c) Sachiko convinced Taeko to postpone the wedding.
(d) Sachiko want Okubata and Taeko to marry immediatly.

13. Why does Taeko return to Ashiya precipitately?
(a) Itakura is ill.
(b) Itakura has an accident.
(c) Itakura's family wants to negotiate a wedding.
(d) Itakura wants her as a good luck charm for his surgery.

14. Who risked his life to save Taeko during the flood?
(a) Sachuko.
(b) Itakura.
(c) Teinosuke.
(d) Okubata.

15. Why is Sachiko offended by the letter from Sawazaki?
(a) Sawazaki writes that Yukiko is bland.
(b) Sawazaki chooses to marry into a rival family.
(c) It is the Makioka family that is rejected.
(d) Sawazaki asks about marrying Taeko.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Sachiko, Yukiko, Etsuko and Taeko go to see Sawazaki?

2. What does Sachiko think of Mr. Hashidera?

3. Where is Taeko at the end of Book III, Chapters 13-18?

4. Who transmits the letter from Sawazaki to Sachiko?

5. Why do Sachiko and Teinosuke go on a trip together in Book III, Chapters 25-30?

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