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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What disease is Taeko suspected of having in Book III, Chapters 19-24?
(a) Dysentry.
(b) Anthrax.
(c) Scarlet fever.
(d) Chiken pox.

2. Who transmits the letter from Sawazaki to Sachiko?
(a) Mrs. Itani.
(b) Mrs. Hashimata.
(c) Mrs. Sugano.
(d) Mrs. Tokina.

3. Where do Taeko and Etsuko go while Sawazaki meets Yukiko?
(a) A recital.
(b) A local temple.
(c) A local landmark.
(d) A theater.

4. What happens that Sachiko see as a bad omen?
(a) The boat runs ashore.
(b) The bus breaks down.
(c) The car breaks down.
(d) The train breaks down.

5. What does Sachiko think of Mr. Hashidera?
(a) She likes him.
(b) She is doubtful.
(c) She is indifferent.
(d) She hates him.

6. How does Yukiko treat Okubata when he comes to visit Taeko?
(a) With a laugh.
(b) With care.
(c) Warmly.
(d) Coldly.

7. What is Mimaki from?
(a) A merchant's family.
(b) A military family.
(c) A sailor's family.
(d) A noble family.

8. Why does Taeko ask for money from Tatsuo and Tsuruko?
(a) To move to Tokyo.
(b) To marry Itakura.
(c) To marry Okubata.
(d) To move to Paris.

9. What becomes more frequent after the war with China escalates?
(a) Metal recycling drives.
(b) Funerals.
(c) Blackouts.
(d) Recitals.

10. Why is there tension between Taeko and Yukiko?
(a) Yukiko does not think Taeko's dolls are special.
(b) Yukiko does not want to marry.
(c) Taeko cannot marry before Yukiko.
(d) Taeko cannot be an independant woman.

11. What does Sachiko sense about Sawzaki?
(a) He wants to court Taeko.
(b) He want to marry Yukiko.
(c) He is not interested in Yukiko.
(d) He is prideful.

12. How do Sachiko, Yukiko, Etsuko and Taeko go to see Sawazaki?
(a) By bus.
(b) By train.
(c) By car.
(d) By boat.

13. Why is Okubata upset at Sachiko?
(a) Sachiko convinced Taeko to postpone the wedding.
(b) Sachiko want Okubata and Taeko to marry immediatly.
(c) Sachiko has Taeko moved to a private hospital.
(d) Sachiko told Okubata's family about him hosting Taeko.

14. Who is at fault for Yukiko's not marrying according to Teinosuke?
(a) Her own.
(b) His own.
(c) The various suitors.
(d) The family.

15. What does Sachiko learn about Okubata's behavior?
(a) He hosted Taeko.
(b) He goes to bars with several women.
(c) He took things from the family store.
(d) He was seen drunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would have happened had Taeko been discovered at Okubata's?

2. Why do Sachiko, Yukiko, Etsuko and Taeko put on her fine clothes for the trip?

3. When does Book III, Chapters 19-24 open?

4. What do Sachiko, Yukiko, Etsuko and Taeko do the night they arrive at Mrs Sugano's?

5. What is Yukiko's chaperone not sure of?

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