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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens that Sachiko see as a bad omen?
(a) The car breaks down.
(b) The bus breaks down.
(c) The train breaks down.
(d) The boat runs ashore.

2. What are Taeko's sisters trying to encourage her to do?
(a) Go to the main house in Tokyo.
(b) Stayy with them.
(c) Go with Okubata.
(d) Get her own car.

3. What doesn't Taeko come to the house while Teinosuke is home?
(a) For fear of being followed by the maid.
(b) For her own sanity.
(c) For appearance's sake.
(d) For fear of punishment.

4. How do Sachiko, Yukiko, Etsuko and Taeko go to see Sawazaki?
(a) By boat.
(b) By train.
(c) By car.
(d) By bus.

5. What does Sachiko think of Mr. Hashidera?
(a) She likes him.
(b) She hates him.
(c) She is indifferent.
(d) She is doubtful.

6. What becomes more frequent after the war with China escalates?
(a) Recitals.
(b) Blackouts.
(c) Funerals.
(d) Metal recycling drives.

7. What do Sachiko, Yukiko, Etsuko and Taeko do the night they arrive at Mrs Sugano's?
(a) Go to a recital.
(b) Go firefly hunting.
(c) Go to a theater.
(d) Go to dinner on the coast.

8. Why do Sachiko and Teinosuke go on a trip together in Book III, Chapters 25-30?
(a) It is their second honeymoon.
(b) To try to find a house
(c) To try to find a husband for Yukiko.
(d) To try to find a doctor for Taeko.

9. Why do Sachiko, Etsuko and Taeko part ways with Yukiko on their trip back to Osaka?
(a) Yukiko is going back to Tokyo.
(b) Yukiko is going to see another matchmaker.
(c) Yukiko is going to a hospital.
(d) Yukiko is going to visit their parent's grave.

10. Who introduces Saigusa to Yukiko?
(a) Mrs Itani.
(b) Sachiko.
(c) Tatsuo.
(d) Okubata.

11. What is Mimaki from?
(a) A merchant's family.
(b) A sailor's family.
(c) A noble family.
(d) A military family.

12. What does Sachiko think of the new neighbors?
(a) She likes them.
(b) They seems nice.
(c) She tries to ignore them.
(d) She does not trust them.

13. Who joins Mrs. Itani in the quest to find Yukiko a husband in Book III, Chapters 13-18?
(a) Mrs. Kitano.
(b) Mrs. Sakiko.
(c) Mrs. Niu.
(d) Mrs. Itoki.

14. What is Yukiko's chaperone not sure of?
(a) Yukiko's interest in getting married.
(b) Mr. Hashibera financial situation.
(c) Mr. Hashidera's interest in getting married.
(d) Mr. Hashidera's daughter willingness to get a stepmother.

15. What does Okubata promise Sachiko?
(a) To stop trying to elope with Taeko.
(b) To come visit Taeko.
(c) To stay away from Taeko.
(d) To pay for the hospital bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sachiko learn about Okubata's behavior?

2. Who is Mrs. Sugano according to Book III, Chapters 1-6?

3. Who is Mrs. Stoltz strict with?

4. How old is Mr. Hashidera's daughter?

5. What would have happened had Taeko been discovered at Okubata's?

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