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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sachiko receive in the mail from a former classmate?
(a) A picture of the two of them.
(b) A picture of a man named Nomura.
(c) A letter asking for help.
(d) A ring.

2. How does Sachiko's party go to Tokyo?
(a) By car.
(b) By plane.
(c) By bus.
(d) By train.

3. What blocks Teinosuke on his way to getting Taeko?
(a) A but.
(b) Afishing boat.
(c) A car.
(d) A train.

4. Why is Tatsuo slow to give an answer on the marriage?
(a) He is busy dealing with a contract.
(b) The mail is slow to reach him.
(c) He wants to think about it.
(d) An investigation must be conducted.

5. Who is supporting the conversation during the dinner with Segoshi?
(a) Sachiko.
(b) Taeko.
(c) Yukiko
(d) Etsuko.

6. What declines during the 1930s?
(a) The Makioka's influence on the Emperor.
(b) The Makioka fortune.
(c) The Japanese influence.
(d) The Japanese economy.

7. What does Sachiko plan to take Etsuko to?
(a) A new school.
(b) A theater.
(c) A specialist for her sleeping and behavior trouble.
(d) A matchmaker.

8. Where are Mrs Stoltz's children?
(a) School.
(b) With their father.
(c) At the park with the nany.
(d) At the theater.

9. What strikes Tokyo on September 1?
(a) A tsunami.
(b) A typhoon.
(c) A flood.
(d) A earthquake.

10. Who is O-haru?
(a) The family card reader.
(b) The family seamstress.
(c) The family hairdresser.
(d) The family maid.

11. What does Taeko plan on doing according to Book II, Chapter 1?
(a) Got ot Germany.
(b) Elope with Okubata.
(c) Go to Paris.
(d) Take on photography.

12. What bad habit does Okubata take according to Taeko?
(a) Getting drunk with other women.
(b) Smoking.
(c) Stealing from strangers.
(d) Beating Taeko.

13. Who took over the Makioka family business at the death of the patriarch?
(a) Itsubata.
(b) Sashiko.
(c) Tatsuo.
(d) Etsuko.

14. What do Taeko, Sachiko and Teinosuke think considering the strange circumstances at the dinner party?
(a) That they came the wrong day.
(b) That they are not welcome.
(c) That they did not follow proper protocol.
(d) That their friendship is over.

15. What is not a crucial objection about Nomura?
(a) He is not as rich as the main house would like.
(b) He is not as old as the main house would like.
(c) He is not as well connected the main house would like.
(d) He is older than the main house would like.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Yukiko say she will follow?

2. Why is Teinosuke going to go get Etsuko from school?

3. Why does Sachiko not want to urge Yukiko about a new suitor?

4. What photograph does Sachiko look at in Taeko's room?

5. What does the visitor inquiring about Taeko bring?

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