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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book III, Chapters 13-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Sachiko, Yukiko, Etsuko and Taeko put on her fine clothes for the trip?
(a) They do not know when the meeting will be.
(b) They want to be noticed.
(c) They want to make a good impression to the main house.
(d) They think the trip will be short.

2. Why does Sachiko admire Mr. Sloltz?
(a) Her careful housekeeping.
(b) Her fashion sense.
(c) Her strong will.
(d) Her beauty.

3. What does Taeko plan on giving up according to Book II, Chapters 1-5?
(a) Doll making.
(b) Her wedding plans.
(c) Sewing.
(d) Dance.

4. Why is Tatsuo opposed to Taeko learning sewing?
(a) He doesn't want her to be a working woman.
(b) The pay is low.
(c) It would be too costly.
(d) It would not be an asset in finding her a husband.

5. What does Sachiko learn from O-Haru?
(a) Okubata is seeing five different women.
(b) Okubata has been thrown out fo the family home.
(c) Okubata wants to join the army.
(d) Okubata is taking the place of head of his family.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Yukiko?

2. Who is Mrs. Sugano according to Book III, Chapters 1-6?

3. Why is Teinosuke going to go get Etsuko from school?

4. What surgery does Itakura have?

5. Why does Tainosuke bring Yukiko to see a doctor?

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