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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Kitty's husband annoyed when he arrives at the Fetters house?
(a) He is hungry and dinner is not ready.
(b) He got a speeding ticket.
(c) His truck had a flat tire.
(d) His wife and kids are not home.

2. What is Sabine ready to do now?
(a) Change careers.
(b) Get an advanced degree.
(c) Face her life.
(d) Have a baby.

3. Who had locked Parsifal in the item in #117?
(a) A childhood friend.
(b) Mr. Fetters.
(c) Kitty.
(d) Howard.

4. Who does Sabine think deserved to be the real magician's assistant?
(a) Sabine.
(b) Bertie.
(c) Kitty.
(d) Dot.

5. Who meets with Sabine in the kitchen the next morning?
(a) Bertie.
(b) Haas.
(c) Dot.
(d) Kitty.

6. Who is Kitty's other son?
(a) Guy.
(b) Dave.
(c) Joe.
(d) Sam.

7. Where does Dot go after talking to Sabine?
(a) Grocery store.
(b) Work.
(c) Bridge club.
(d) Church.

8. What does Bertie order Howard to do after she is hurt?
(a) Bring some ice.
(b) Get the first-aid kit.
(c) Leave the house.
(d) Call 9-1-1.

9. What does Sabine spend the day doing in Parsifal's room?
(a) Reading.
(b) Exploring.
(c) Crying.
(d) Sleeping.

10. Each night the Fetters watch a tape of which television program?
(a) Gunsmoke.
(b) The Simpsons.
(c) I Love Lucy.
(d) The Tonight Show.

11. In Sabine's dream, what is Phan's profession?
(a) Dressmaker.
(b) Lawyer.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Sculptor.

12. Why can Sabine not tell her nephews how the magic trick was done?
(a) She wants to preserve Parsifal's magic.
(b) It would go against the honor code of magicians.
(c) She cannot remember.
(d) It is their bedtime.

13. Who does Sabine choose to help her in a trick?
(a) Haas.
(b) Howard.
(c) Dot.
(d) Bertie.

14. What does Sabine purchase at the store in #112?
(a) Kitty litter.
(b) Snow shovel.
(c) Art supplies.
(d) Gardening tools.

15. What does Sabine think of her father?
(a) He is always too busy for her.
(b) He always disappoints her.
(c) He is a philanthropic man.
(d) He is a good role model.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sabine do to Kitty the next morning?

2. Where does Bertie want to go after her medical treatment?

3. Kitty tells Sabine that Parsifal had once been locked in ___________________.

4. Dot talks Sabine out of going to ____________________.

5. Who does Sabine call to tell that she had arrived safely in Nebraska?

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