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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Salvio take Sabine and the Fetters to lunch?
(a) Olive Garden.
(b) The Brown Derby.
(c) L'Auberge.
(d) The Magic Castle.

2. Dot had told Kitty that Parsifal had ___________________.
(a) a picture of her in his bedroom.
(b) a really bad temper.
(c) a thriving furniture store.
(d) a penchant for sweets.

3. What type of rug is on the floor of Parsifal's childhood bedroom?
(a) Hand painted.
(b) Tartan.
(c) Oriental.
(d) Jute.

4. How may years had Sabine been with Parsifal?
(a) 13.
(b) 5.
(c) 22.
(d) 17.

5. Who is Parsifal's mother?
(a) Eunice.
(b) Betty.
(c) Shirley.
(d) Dorothy.

6. What does Sabine think Parsifal's parents will do once contacted?
(a) They will not call her.
(b) They will come see her.
(c) They will hang up on the caller.
(d) They will call her immediately.

7. Who does Sabine ask to call Parsifal's parents?
(a) Her father.
(b) Emma.
(c) Roger.
(d) Phan.

8. What conclusion do Sabine's parents arrive at regarding Parsifal's parents?
(a) They have no opinion of them.
(b) They sound like really nice people.
(c) They were people that Parsifal invented.
(d) They must not have been very good to Parsifal.

9. Where does Parsifal die?
(a) Cedars Sinai Hospital.
(b) At home.
(c) Mount Sinai Hospital.
(d) In a car accident.

10. Who is the hostess in the restaurant in #40?
(a) Evie.
(b) Marlene.
(c) Sally.
(d) Doris.

11. Why does Phan say that Parsifal is not ready to come visit her?
(a) He is embarrassed by what he left unknown.
(b) He does not love her.
(c) He needs her to forget him.
(d) He is too emotional now.

12. Where does Sabine want to go despite Dot's protests?
(a) The cemetery.
(b) The magic shop.
(c) The liquor store.
(d) A psychic.

13. What kind of relationship did Kitty once have with Guy when they were younger?
(a) Very close.
(b) Strained.
(c) Congenial.
(d) No contact.

14. Sabine and Parsifal's marriage was one of ________________.
(a) passion.
(b) love.
(c) convenience.
(d) friendship.

15. What did Parsifal say had happened to his family?
(a) They were killed in a car accident.
(b) They moved to Europe.
(c) They were leeches to be avoided.
(d) They drowned in a boating accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the first place Sabine takes the Fetters in Los Angeles?

2. Who was Phan?

3. Who is Kitty?

4. Who is Guy Fetters?

5. Why does Parsifal's attorney come to see Sabine?

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