The Magician's Assistant Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Ann Patchett
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 15: Pages 345 Through 368.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kitty tells Sabine that _____________ was supposed to be the magician's assistant.
(a) Bertie.
(b) Darla.
(c) Kitty.
(d) Phan.

2. What injury does Howard inflict on Kitty?
(a) He shoots her.
(b) He cuts her cheek.
(c) He chops off a finger.
(d) He hits her with a ball bat.

3. What happens to Sabine when she is called onstage?
(a) She does part of her act.
(b) She has a panic attack.
(c) She faints.
(d) She cries.

4. How does Dot feel about how she handled the family situation after her husband was killed?
(a) She got counseling to manage through it.
(b) She did the best she could.
(c) She did an expert job.
(d) She handled it poorly.

5. What does Bertie ask Sabine to do at the wedding?
(a) Lead a dance.
(b) Do a magic trick.
(c) Sing a song.
(d) Give a toast.

Short Answer Questions

1. What awakens Sabine from her dream?

2. Why does Sabine decide to stay in Alliance a little while longer?

3. When Sabine dreams of Phan on this night they are in what city?

4. Dot talks Sabine out of going to ____________________.

5. Why is Dot puzzled about Parsifal's marriage?

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