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Ann Patchett
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3: Pages 50 Through 74.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sabine think Parsifal's parents will do once contacted?
(a) They will hang up on the caller.
(b) They will call her immediately.
(c) They will not call her.
(d) They will come see her.

2. Which of the following was NOT Parsifal's role in Sabine's life?
(a) Husband.
(b) Employer.
(c) Best friend.
(d) Brother.

3. What surprising news does Sabine learn about Parsifal?
(a) He has a family she never knew about.
(b) He left her nothing in his will.
(c) He had a daughter from a previous marriage.
(d) He was having an affair with her sister.

4. What had Parsifal left Roger at the time of Parsifal's death?
(a) Secret spy documents.
(b) A Trust and letter of instructions.
(c) Burial instructions.
(d) Lots of unpaid bills.

5. Who had purchased a cemetery plot for Sabine?
(a) Persifal.
(b) Sabine.
(c) Sabine's ex-husband.
(d) Phan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Parsifal's hometown?

2. Who does Sabine ask to call Parsifal's parents?

3. What does Dot notice at Sabine's house?

4. Why does Dot take Sabine to the hospital?

5. Where does Sabine take the Fetters when they arrive?

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