Objects & Places from The Magician's Assistant

Ann Patchett
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Alliance, Nebraska

This is the town where Parsifal is born and where Sabine visits after his death to learn the truth of his past.

Nebraska Boys Reformatory

Parsifal is sent here at age fifteen after accidentally killing his father.

Los Angeles, California

After his release from the Nebraska Boys Reformatory, Parsifal moves here where he lives with Phan and Sabine.

Parsifal's Last Dream

On the day of his death, Parsifal has sleep visions that he is with Phan.

Sabine's Dreams

Throughout the novel, Sabine frequently has these night time images that Phan visits her as she is discovering the truth of Parsifal's past.

Cedars Sinai Hospital

Parsifal dies on the MRI table here after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Guy Fetters

This is Parsifal's birth name which he changes when he moves to Los Angeles.

Parsifal's Letter to Sabine

Upon his death, Parsifal leaves this for Sabine with instructions...

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