The Magician's Assistant Character Descriptions

Ann Patchett
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Sabine Parsifal - At the age of nineteen, she falls in love with a magician but is saddened that he would never feel the same way about her.

Parsifal the Magician - At the age of fifteen, he accidentally kills his father while trying to protect his mother and is sent to the Nebraska Boys Reformatory.

Phan - He works as a programmer and becomes wealthy with one of his programs designed for gaming.

Dorothy Fetters - She is a strong willed woman who raises her three children in Alliance Nebraska.

Kitty Plate - She has an abusive husband with whom she seems to be in a precarious relationship that keeps her leaving him but always returning back to him as well.

Albertine Fetters - She is named for her father since she is born two months after his death.

Howard Plate - He has a scarred...

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