The Magician's Assistant Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ann Patchett
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Section 1: Pages 1 Through 25

• Parsifal, Sabine's husband, best friend, and employer has just died from an aneurysm at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

• Sabine recalls the day's events including Parsifal's telling her about a dream he had about a man named Phan, Parsifal's recently deceased lover.

• Parsifal had AIDS, the disease which also claimed Phan, and Sabine married Parsifal for the convenience of avoiding inheritance issues once Parsifal succumbed to the disease.
• After Parsifal's death, Sabine stays in bed for several days until Parsifal's attorney, Roger, calls to invite her to lunch.

• Sabine dreams of Phan who apologizes for taking Parsifal away; he says he caused the aneurysm so Parsifal would have a quick and painless death.

• Sabine does not show for lunch so Roger comes to the house where he reveals that Parsifal left a portion of money to his family who Sabine thought was dead.

• Roger...

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