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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is Perenelle aware as she travels back into the depths of Alcatraz?
(a) The cry of some birds.
(b) The sound of helicopters.
(c) Morrigan's arrival.
(d) The magic around the animals.

2. Who first notices a creature coming in through the garden wall?
(a) Flamel.
(b) Sophie.
(c) Scathach.
(d) Josh.

3. How does Josh feel from the use of Clarent?
(a) Very strong.
(b) Tired.
(c) As if he is hallucinating.
(d) Confused.

4. Who has Dee sent after Perenelle?
(a) A T-rex.
(b) Morrigan.
(c) Wyatt Earp.
(d) A cousin to the Nidhogg.

5. Why is Josh nervous?
(a) He is claustrophobic.
(b) He is unsure about the influence of Clarent on his mind.
(c) He does not know if he can handle power.
(d) He is afraid of Sophie being harmed.

6. Why does Josh attack the Nidhogg?
(a) To test Clarent's abilities.
(b) To get it to release him.
(c) To make it release Scathach.
(d) St. Germain tells him to.

7. Who inspects Josh and causes him to feel panic?
(a) A Dark Elder.
(b) Two satyrs.
(c) Machiavelli using his magic.
(d) An ancient seer.

8. Where does Germain invite Josh to visit?
(a) His library.
(b) His office.
(c) His music collection.
(d) His magic room.

9. What happens as Josh prepares to kill the Nidhogg?
(a) Scathach is thrown down the road.
(b) The Disir attacks him.
(c) Scathach kills it.
(d) The Disir kills the creature instead.

10. Whom do Joan and Sophie encounter at the front hall?
(a) Machiavelli.
(b) Two of the Disir.
(c) The Nidhogg.
(d) Dee.

11. What does Sophie realize as Josh begins to battle the Disir?
(a) Josh is in immediate danger.
(b) Josh has somehow accessed magic.
(c) Josh no longer has Clarent.
(d) Josh is badly wounded.

12. Why does Germain not know what is happening?
(a) He is playing music through a set of earphones.
(b) He is in the shower with the radio blaring.
(c) He is gone.
(d) He is in the basement playing his stereo loudly.

13. Who is following the Nidhogg in a car?
(a) Just Joan.
(b) Sophie and St. Germain.
(c) Just Flamel.
(d) Dee and Machiavelli.

14. What does Joan teach Sophie about Sophie's aura?
(a) How to make it invisible.
(b) How to use it for protection.
(c) How to expand it.
(d) How to contract it.

15. What do Machiavelli and Dee discuss?
(a) Whether to just try to get the twins away from the others.
(b) Whether to wait until Perenelle has joined them.
(c) The best way to deal with Flamel's group.
(d) Whether they really want to engage in a confrontation with Flamel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dee tell Machiavelli about Perenelle?

2. What does Germain give Josh?

3. What has Joan taught Sophie?

4. Who finds Machiavelli's burned out car?

5. What did the Nidhogg do the last time it was released?

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