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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dee do concerning Josh?
(a) Uses fire magic to help him escape.
(b) Throws a net over the Disir.
(c) Throws a net over Josh.
(d) Tells the Disir not to hurt Josh.

2. Of what is Perenelle aware as she travels back into the depths of Alcatraz?
(a) The cry of some birds.
(b) The magic around the animals.
(c) Morrigan's arrival.
(d) The sound of helicopters.

3. Where does Germain keep all his technological and musical "toys"?
(a) His office.
(b) In a studio down the street from where he lives.
(c) The basement.
(d) He does not have much modern technology.

4. Who has a vendetta against Scathach?
(a) Dee.
(b) The Disir.
(c) The Dark Elder who is unnamed.
(d) Nidhogg.

5. About what is Flamel afraid concerning the two pages Josh has of the Book of Abraham?
(a) Dee might convince Josh to burn the two pages Josh has.
(b) The Nidhogg might destroy the two pages Josh has.
(c) Flamel is not concerned because the two pages will do no one any good.
(d) The two pages Josh has will fall into Dee's hands.

6. Whom do Joan and Sophie encounter at the front hall?
(a) The Nidhogg.
(b) Machiavelli.
(c) Dee.
(d) Two of the Disir.

7. What is significant about a manhole in an ally that Flamel and the others find?
(a) They think it is where the Nidhogg is recovering.
(b) It's where Josh is tracked to by Sophie.
(c) They think they can find Scathach down there.
(d) They think they it is where the Disir took St. Germain.

8. Why does Machiavelli give Dagon permission to follow the Nidhogg?
(a) To try to control the Nidhogg.
(b) In the hopes of killing Scathach.
(c) To capture Josh.
(d) To help the Disir.

9. Who is Areop-Enap?
(a) The other prisoner in Alcatraz.
(b) A Dark Elder's servant.
(c) One of the Disir.
(d) Another immortal who joins Flamel's fight in Paris.

10. What does Perenelle ask of de Ayala?
(a) To find a way to de-magic the animals.
(b) To take her to the other prisoner.
(c) To show her a way off the island.
(d) To show her the explosives.

11. Who finds Machiavelli's burned out car?
(a) Joan when she is tracking Josh.
(b) The one Disir still living.
(c) The Dark Elders.
(d) The French Secret Police.

12. What did the Nidhogg do the last time it was released?
(a) Destroyed a large crowd of people.
(b) Destroyed an entire race of Indians.
(c) Destroyed almost all of a small city.
(d) Razed a large mountain.

13. Why does Germain not know what is happening?
(a) He is gone.
(b) He is in the basement playing his stereo loudly.
(c) He is playing music through a set of earphones.
(d) He is in the shower with the radio blaring.

14. What does Josh think the Disir is doing when she climbs the Nidhogg's back?
(a) Trying to tell the Nidhogg something.
(b) Trying to control the Nidhogg.
(c) Trying to kill the Nidhogg.
(d) Being insane.

15. What is said about Nidhogg?
(a) That it is one of the original gods of creation.
(b) That it is an ancient creature.
(c) That it is descended from the Dark Elders.
(d) That it is an ancestor of the Dark Elders.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Scathach tell Josh to do?

2. What does Perenelle ask Areop-Enap?

3. What is the object related to that Flamel recovers from his old home?

4. What happens at the spot where Josh stabs the Nidhogg?

5. About what do Josh and Sophie talk when they are alone?

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