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Michael Scott (Irish author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what is Perenelle aware as she travels back into the depths of Alcatraz?
(a) Morrigan's arrival.
(b) The sound of helicopters.
(c) The magic around the animals.
(d) The cry of some birds.

2. How does Sophie defeat the other two Disir?
(a) Places a ring of fire around them.
(b) Burns them to death.
(c) She is unable to defeat them.
(d) Encases them in a block of ice.

3. What does Perenelle learn from de Ayala?
(a) Someone else is imprisoned on Alcatraz.
(b) The island is rigged to explode.
(c) Dee is on the island.
(d) The animals on the island are not real.

4. What has Joan taught Sophie?
(a) How to deal with the memories of the Witch of Endor.
(b) How to endure nightmares with no ill effect.
(c) How to use Sophie's mind more effectively.
(d) How to play an ancient stones game.

5. What does Dee do concerning Josh?
(a) Throws a net over the Disir.
(b) Throws a net over Josh.
(c) Uses fire magic to help him escape.
(d) Tells the Disir not to hurt Josh.

6. What happens to endanger Scathach again?
(a) Flamel's aim is bad and his magic brushes her side, paralyzing her..
(b) Nothing.
(c) Nidhogg rises out of the water and grabs her in its mouth.
(d) Dagon jumps out of the water and grabs her and jumps back in.

7. Why can't the Nidhogg reach the waters of the Seine?
(a) Scathach is making it move slowly.
(b) It is too ill from losing blood.
(c) Too heavy.
(d) It is barricaded.

8. What is the object related to that Flamel recovers from his old home?
(a) Excalibur and Clarent.
(b) The Green Knight's girdle.
(c) The book of Abraham.
(d) The cuffs of Zeus.

9. What happens at the spot where Josh stabs the Nidhogg?
(a) It falls off.
(b) It quickly heals over.
(c) It turns to stone.
(d) Nothing; his sword cannot penetrate its hide.

10. What does Dee tell Machiavelli about Perenelle?
(a) She has destroyed all the creatures they were keeping on Alcatraz.
(b) She has another complete copy of the Book of Abraham.
(c) She has made a pact with Billy the Kidd.
(d) She has escaped her cell on Alcatraz.

11. Who goes in search of Josh?
(a) Flamel, Joan and Sophie.
(b) St. Germain.
(c) No one; they are trying to rescue Scathach.
(d) Just Flamel.

12. How does Scathach get free of the Nidhogg?
(a) Scathogg cuts off the claw that is holding her.
(b) Flamel and Sophie free her.
(c) The Nidhogg drops her when it dies.
(d) The Nidhogg drops her while protecting itself from St. Germain.

13. What does Perenelle find in the bowls of Alcatraz?
(a) A second copy of the Book of Abraham.
(b) A magic book.
(c) A prisoner held behind spells.
(d) Perenelle's cousin who went missing years ago.

14. What does Germain give Josh?
(a) His choice of three laptops.
(b) A sword.
(c) A cell phone.
(d) A lucky medal.

15. What does Perenelle ask Areop-Enap?
(a) Where the other Elders are.
(b) How she came to be there.
(c) If she wants to be freed.
(d) Why she is helping John Dee.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the major disagreement Josh and Sophie have?

2. What does Flamel encourage Sophie to do?

3. About what is Flamel afraid concerning the two pages Josh has of the Book of Abraham?

4. Who has brought the Nidhogg to Paris?

5. What does Sophie realize as Josh begins to battle the Disir?

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