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Short Answer Questions

1. What colour is Gereint's hair?

2. Which of the following countries does not have a representative at the council where a truce is asked for?

3. Who takes the ring from Owein?

4. Who takes the razor from between the ears of Twrch Trwyth?

5. Where do Arthur's warband first find Twrch Trwyth?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Peredur's mother raise him in seclusion?

2. Where does Culhwch first see Olwen?

3. What are the three plagues that strike Llud's kingdom?

4. What does the empress give to Peredur that helps him kill the Addanc?

5. What do the Arthurian figures Rhonabwy meets in his dream say about Rhonabwy's looks?

6. What convinces Gereint that Enid is loyal to him?

7. Why does Glewlwyd Mighty-Grasp recommend that Culhwch should be admitted to Arthur's court?

8. Why does the lion choose to follow Owein?

9. Why does Gereint decide to follow the knight and the dwarf?

10. How is Owein healed after his madness?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many claim that Celtic society assigned a high status to women. Bearing in mind that The Mabinogion is considered to be a very important collection of Celtic legend, do the tales in The Mabinogion support this view? Use examples from at least three tales to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

"The Dream of Rhonabwy" contains a contrast between Arthurian days and "modern life" (from the perspective of the author, i.e. Medieval life). Describe and evaluate this contrast. Your answer should be structured as follows:

(1) Describe the Arthurian setting in the tale

(2) Describe the "real world' in the tale

(3) Decide which setting is more exaggerated and what you believe the author was attempting to say through the contrast.

Essay Topic 3

Several of the tales in The Mabinogion seem to have the transition from boyhood to manhood as their theme. Choose two of the tales below and for each, describe the attributes that the main character must gain in order to prove that he is a man, and how he obtains these. Choose from:

(a) "Culhwch and Olwen"

(b) "Math son of Mathonwy"

(c) "Peredur son of Efrawg"

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