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Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Manawydan able to catch Llwyd's wife in mouse form?

2. What animal does Pwyll say that he has trapped in the bag?

3. How many original manuscripts did the original tales come from?

4. Which of the following parts of shoemaking do Manawydan and Pryderi not do for themselves?

5. Where did Manawydan go to offer homage to Caswallawn?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the serving women decide to accuse Rhiannon of murdering her son?

2. Exactly what disappears during the thunder and mist, and what does not?

3. What does Pwyll do that insults or offends Arawn?

4. Why does Pryderi arrange for his widowed mother to marry Manawydan?

5. Why do the four have to leave the towns in Lloegyr they try to settle in?

6. Where does Macsen Wledig fall asleep?

7. What are onomastic tales?

8. Why, according to the tale, do the warriors of Cynan decide to cut out the tongues of the women?

9. How does Math react to the news that Goewin has been raped?

10. Why does Elen command the roads to be built throughout Britain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the narrative style of the tales in The Mabinogion differ from modern narrative styles? Choose at least two examples of narrative and analyse their style, including aspects such as vocabulary, level of detail and use of sensory imagery, comparing these to a modern passage of narrative of your choice. One of the passages you choose from The Mabinogion should be from the later tales (the three romances, The Dream of Macsen Wledig and The Dream of Rhonabwy) and should be from the earlier oral tales.

Essay Topic 2

Hunting seems to be an important plot element in many of the tales in The Mabinogion. Eexplain the role that hunts and hunting play in the plots of the following tales:

(a) Pwyll Prince of Dyfed

(b) Culhwch and Olwen

(c) The Dream of Macsen Wledig

Essay Topic 3

How do the earlier oral tales differ from the later romances? Your answer could consider features such as narrative style, setting and plot, as well as other features. Use at least two romances and two oral tales as examples to support your answer.

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