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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does Gereint not find in the orchards in the mists?
(a) A pavilion of brocaded silk
(b) A woman sitting on a golden chair
(c) A fountain
(d) A hunting horn hanging on an apple tree

2. What is on the helmet of the messenger who tells Arthur that Owein's ravens have killed the young men?
(a) A dragon
(b) A bull
(c) A lion
(d) An eagle

3. Who takes the ring from Owein?
(a) Luned
(b) An unnamed maiden
(c) Gwenhwyfar
(d) The Lady of the Fountain

4. Why does Enid scream?
(a) The earl spills wine over her skirt.
(b) The earl boxes her ears.
(c) The earl tries to rape her.
(d) The earl tries to kill Gereint.

5. Who is the rightful king of Powys?
(a) Cadwgawn
(b) Rhonabwy
(c) Madawg
(d) Iorwoerth

6. What colors are worn by the horse and rider who first meets Rhonabwy?
(a) Yellow and black
(b) Yellow and red
(c) Yellow and blue
(d) Yellow and green

7. Which of the following is one of Cei's supernatural abilities?
(a) The ability of understanding the speech of birds and animals
(b) The ability to make himself invisible
(c) The ability to see in total darkness when even a cat cannot see
(d) The ability to grow as tall as a tree at will

8. How many bards sing the praises of Arthur?
(a) Nine
(b) Twenty-four
(c) One hundred
(d) We are not told

9. Where does Llud bury the captured pigs?
(a) Caer Llion
(b) Cornwall
(c) The White Mount in London
(d) Dinas Emreis

10. What guards the path to the houses in the wild craggy valley visited by Peredur after his pledge to Angharad Golden-Hand?
(a) An armed knight
(b) A serpent
(c) A lion
(d) Giants

11. What time of year is it when Enid laments that her husband is falling into a decline?
(a) Summer
(b) Fall/Autumn
(c) Winter
(d) Spring

12. Why can't the Coranieid be destroyed?
(a) They can overhear every plan to destroy them
(b) Iron weapons have no effect on them
(c) They are invisible
(d) If one is killed, it comes back to life

13. Which of the following well-known Arthurian characters is not invoked by Culhwch when he asks his boon from Arthur?
(a) Myrddin (Merlin)
(b) Gwenhwyfar (Guinevere)
(c) Drwst (Tristram)
(d) Cei (Kay)

14. What happens to the man who was stealing the food from the king's court?
(a) He escapes, never to be seen again.
(b) Llud kills him..
(c) He becomes one of Llud's vassals.
(d) Llud imprisons him.

15. How do the Countess's chamberlains plan to execute Luned?
(a) Decapitation
(b) Burning
(c) Drowning
(d) Hanging

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gereint do to challenge the knight in the mist to fight?

2. How does Cynon return back to Arthur's court after the black knight takes his horse?

3. What relation is the Lame King to Peredur?

4. Which of the following is not used to make the goblets given to the Empress in the pavilion?

5. What is the name of the woman who Culhwch was destined to take as wife?

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