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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who of the following is not one of the knights first met by Peredur?
(a) Gwalchmei
(b) Owein
(c) Gweir
(d) Cei

2. What colour is Gereint's hair?
(a) Black
(b) We are not told
(c) Blond
(d) Red/auburn

3. Which of the following is not given as a name for London?
(a) Caer Lloegyr
(b) Caer Ludd
(c) Lwndrys
(d) Caer Lundein

4. Who helps Peredur take the dead knight's armour off?
(a) Nobody
(b) Owein
(c) Cei
(d) Gwenhwyfar

5. Which of the following does Arthur not mention as one of the things that he cannot grant as a boon to Culhwch?
(a) His spear
(b) His horse
(c) His wife
(d) His sword

6. Who takes the comb from between the ears of Twrch Trwyth?
(a) We are not told
(b) Osla Big-knife
(c) Cacamwri
(d) Bedwyr

7. Which of the following is one of Cei's supernatural abilities?
(a) The ability to grow as tall as a tree at will
(b) The ability to make himself invisible
(c) The ability to see in total darkness when even a cat cannot see
(d) The ability of understanding the speech of birds and animals

8. Which of the following pieces of advice does Peredur's mother not give him?
(a) If you hear a woman scream, go and help.
(b) If you see a church, go inside and pray.
(c) If nobody gives you food when you need it, you can help yourself.
(d) If you stay overnight at a castle, you may stay three nights and no more.

9. What does the lion bring to Owein to prove its loyalty to him?
(a) A precious stone
(b) A new sword
(c) A horse and armour
(d) A roebuck and firewood

10. How does Lludd keep himself awake while he keeps watch over the hall at night?
(a) He drinks stimulating drinks
(b) He slaps himself on the face
(c) He dips himself in cold water
(d) He recited poetry

11. Which bird of the following is not involved in creating the image that holds Peredur spellbound, thinking of his lady-love?
(a) A hawk
(b) A raven
(c) A duck
(d) A swan

12. What is unusual about the knight seen by Gwenhwyfar and Gereint?
(a) He is a dwarf.
(b) He is green all over.
(c) He is very large.
(d) He is covered in mud and blood.

13. What guards the path to the houses in the wild craggy valley visited by Peredur after his pledge to Angharad Golden-Hand?
(a) Giants
(b) An armed knight
(c) A serpent
(d) A lion

14. What happens to the man who was stealing the food from the king's court?
(a) He becomes one of Llud's vassals.
(b) Llud imprisons him.
(c) He escapes, never to be seen again.
(d) Llud kills him..

15. How do the Countess's chamberlains plan to execute Luned?
(a) Burning
(b) Hanging
(c) Drowning
(d) Decapitation

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the hair of the Ragged Maiden who offers herself as Peredur's paramour?

2. What time of year is it when Enid laments that her husband is falling into a decline?

3. What is unusual about the dwarfs who speak the praise of Peredur (apart from their lack of height)?

4. Where do Llud and Llefelys meet to discuss the plagues?

5. Which of the following countries does not have a representative at the council where a truce is asked for?

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