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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who of the following is not one of the knights first met by Peredur?
(a) Cei
(b) Gwalchmei
(c) Owein
(d) Gweir

2. What did Llud use to destroy the Coranieid?
(a) Fire
(b) Crushed insects and water
(c) Cold iron ground to powder
(d) Holy water brought from Rome

3. How does Lludd keep himself awake while he keeps watch over the hall at night?
(a) He recited poetry
(b) He drinks stimulating drinks
(c) He dips himself in cold water
(d) He slaps himself on the face

4. Where does Llefelys go to get a wife?
(a) Wales
(b) France
(c) Spain
(d) Ireland

5. How many times is Peredur able to mend the sword after cutting through the column?
(a) Twice
(b) Ten times
(c) Three times
(d) Once

6. How do the Countess's chamberlains plan to execute Luned?
(a) Drowning
(b) Burning
(c) Hanging
(d) Decapitation

7. What is the most common response of both Owein and Arthur when the messengers bring them news about the battle between the men and the ravens?
(a) Play thy game
(b) Play on
(c) Keep playing
(d) Play the game

8. What is the ultimate fate of the Black Oppressor?
(a) He becomes one of Arthur's knights.
(b) He turns his house into a hospice.
(c) Owein kills him.
(d) He becomes the next defender of the fountain.

9. Who takes the razor from between the ears of Twrch Trwyth?
(a) Arthur
(b) Mabon
(c) Cei
(d) Culhwch

10. Which of the following is not one of the results of the terrible scream?
(a) Young men and women faint
(b) Snow falls in the middle of summer
(c) Women have miscarriages
(d) Animals and trees become barren

11. Where do the pure black troop come from?
(a) Ireland
(b) Sweden
(c) Denmark
(d) France

12. What colors are worn by the horse and rider who first meets Rhonabwy?
(a) Yellow and red
(b) Yellow and blue
(c) Yellow and green
(d) Yellow and black

13. How long does Rhonabwy dream for?
(a) Three days and three nights
(b) One whole week
(c) A night and a day
(d) One whole night

14. Which of the following countries does not have a representative at the council where a truce is asked for?
(a) Greece
(b) Poland
(c) France
(d) Norway

15. Which of the following does the original writer not give as one of the things that makes this tale nearly impossible to learn by heart?
(a) The magic stones
(b) The banners on the pavillions
(c) The colors on the mantles
(d) The colors on the horses

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the rightful king of Powys?

2. Where does Owein end up living with his wife?

3. What is on the helmet of the messenger who tells Arthur that Owein's ravens have killed the young men?

4. Who hits Ysbaddaden in the knee with one of the giant's poisoned spears?

5. What relation is the Lame King to Peredur?

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