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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not part of the situation where Lleu Llaw Gyffes can be killed?
(a) A spear made while folk are at Mass on Sundays
(b) Having one foot on a goat and one foot on the rim of a bath
(c) Being dressed only in a net
(d) A hut on a riverbank

2. What is unusual about the boar pursued by Pryderi's hunting hounds?
(a) It drips flame from its muzzle
(b) It can run faster than the fastest horse
(c) It is white
(d) It can make itself invisible

3. How many kings are with Macsen Wledig when he has his dream?
(a) Twenty-seven
(b) Thirty-five
(c) Fourteen
(d) Thirty-two

4. What do the Irish swineherds mistake Bendigeidfran for as he crosses the ocean?
(a) A mountain
(b) A forest
(c) A ridge
(d) A whale

5. What town was Pwyll and Rhiannon's son born in?
(a) Arberth
(b) Caer Llion
(c) Caer Aranrhod
(d) Aberystwyth

6. What is the name of the king that Pwyll must face in single combat in the Otherworld?
(a) Dyfed
(b) Hagfan
(c) Annwn
(d) Arawn

7. How long does Pwyll spend in the Otherworld?
(a) A month
(b) A season
(c) A year
(d) A week

8. Who accuses Rhiannon of the murder?
(a) Her waiting-women
(b) Gwawl
(c) Pwyll's councillors
(d) Teyrnon

9. Who is the first person to try to rescue Pryderi from the caer?
(a) Rhiannon
(b) Manawydan
(c) Cigfa
(d) Caswallawn

10. Which of the following is not one of the sons of Llyr?
(a) Manawydan
(b) Bendigeidfran
(c) Efnisien
(d) Euroswydd

11. What is unusual about the warriors brought back to life by the Cauldron of Rebirth?
(a) They cannot speak
(b) They have no eyes
(c) Their skins have turned green
(d) They do not bleed when wounded

12. Which well-known legendary hero appears in several tales within The Mabinogion?
(a) Julius Caesar
(b) Robin Hood
(c) King Arthur
(d) Alexander the Great

13. Which town in Lloegyr do Cigfa and Manawydan live in when Manawydan becomes a shoemaker for the second time?
(a) Oxford
(b) London
(c) We are not told
(d) Hereford

14. Which of the brothers settles permanently in Llydaw?
(a) Cynan
(b) Neither of them
(c) Both of them
(d) Gadeon

15. In total, how many years do the survivors spend in feasting before they bury the head?
(a) Eighty-seven
(b) Forty-seven
(c) Seven
(d) Eighty

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following animals are Gilfaethwy and Gwydion not transformed into?

2. Which of the following was not originally a medieval courtly romance?

3. How many tales appear in THE MABINOGION?

4. How long was Branwen treated as a queen should be?

5. What animal does Pwyll say that he has trapped in the bag?

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