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The Cauldron of Rebirth

This was given by Bran to Mathowlch as a wedding gift. It has the power of restoring dead warriors to life, although the regenerated warriors lose the power of speech. It is shattered self-sacrificially by Efnisien, turning the battle in favour of the Welsh.

Twrch Trwyth

This is a great magical boar who carries the scissors and comb needed by Ysbaddaden Chief Giant to groom himself for the wedding. He has poisoned bristles and lays realms waste. Obtaining his treasures is one of the tasks Culhwch and his helpers must perform to win the hand of Olwen.

Caer Llion

This is the site of Arthur's court.


This is the Celtic Otherworld. Mortals can enter the Otherworld. The appearance of Otherworldly characters and events is often heralded by strange white animals. Pigs are said to originate from here.


This is one of the...

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