Daily Lessons for Teaching The Mabinogion

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Lesson 1 (from Overview)


To learn how to pronounce the Welsh names in the text

To learn about the setting of the text


1. The teacher writes the following list of words on the board: gwyddbwyll, Llyr, Llefelys, Culhwch, Ysbaddaden, Gwalchmei, Pwyll. In small groups, the students should attempt to pronounce these. Each group should appoint a spokesperson to report the group's best attempt back to the whole class.

2. The teacher should then explain how to pronounce Welsh words, including the ones listed in Activity 1. As a class, find other odd-looking names in the text and practice pronouncing these.

3. Divide the class into pairs or trios and give each pair/trio a blank map of the British Isles (the UK) and an atlas each. Students have to find the following locations and add them to the map: Dinas Emrys, Caerleon-on-Usk (Caer Llion), Harlech (Harddlech), London, Cornwall, Dyfed and Powys. The...

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