The Lying Game Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sara Shepard
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Prologue through Chapter 3

• Sutton Mercer wakes up in a claw-footed bathtub not knowing where she is or how she came to be there. She knows her name and that she lives in Tucson, Arizona.

• She hears a boy's voice call out for Emma and notices that her body seems to be fading in and out and thinks she was probably drugged.

• She speaks to Emma who does not speak to her and notices Emma looks like her in the mirror. She finally realizes she is dead.

• Sutton has access to Emma's thoughts and memories and knows that Emma had an erratic childhood with her mother, Becky and is now in a foster home.

• Becky's behavior shuttled between enthusiastic and fun-loving to sinking depressions where she spent hours crying on the couch.
• When in a good mood Becky would take Emma shopping and buy two of everything saying it...

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