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Short Answer Questions

1. After the father's death, what happens to the family property the mother invests in ?

2. What type of stores does the narrator often visit?

3. In which city does the family reside while living in Chochichina?

4. What nationality is the lover?

5. While living in the French colony of Chochinchina, in what city is the narrator's school located?

Short Essay Questions

1. In segment 13, what happens between the narrator and the lover that results in the narrator being turned off by the lover for the first time?

2. Since the family's wealth is tied up in the land investments, how does the mother provide income for the family? How does the income benefit the family?

3. Why does the narrator believe that she is able to become anything anyone wants her to be? What does this mean?

4. How was the narrator able to understand colonial life at such an early age?

5. Describe the narrator's outfit in Segment 2. In what way does it transform her?

6. Briefly describe the life of the narrator around the time she is fifteen.

7. What are the older brother's actions toward the younger brother and how does the mother respond?

8. Is the narrator in control of the relationship with the lover, through its beginning to the end?

9. What happens to the lover after the narrator leaves for France?

10. Once wealthy, now all of the family's money is tied up in property investments. Describe the family property around the time the narrator visits it.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The relationship between the mother and the daughter, the narrator, in the novel is very interesting, though highly dysfunctional. Describe this relationship. How does the nature of the relationship affect the personality or character traits of the narrator? How does the relationship between mother and daughter affect the narrator's early and later life? Why is it difficult for the narrator to remember her mother later in life?

Essay Topic 2

The narrator gives us a detailed account of her relationship with the lover. It is in fact, as she describes, the turning point in her life. Discuss the impact of the relationship on the life of the narrator. Include aspects of her early, middle and later life. How might the narrator's life have been different had she never met the lover?

Essay Topic 3

Look at the character of the younger brother. Although he is a more minor character, his treatment by the older brother is a prevalent event in the novel. The younger brother is a character whose life is dictated by fear, though, he is not the only character whose fear influences their actions. Describe the role of fear as it pertains to the younger brother. Identify the other characters for which fear plays a role in the novel. How are they affected by it?

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