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Short Answer Questions

1. Chochinchina is today known as what country?

2. What is Nouvelle Ecole Fran├žaise?

3. Where does most of the mother's income go?

4. In segments 5 and 6, as well as other parts of the novel, which characteristics best describe narrator?

5. What does the mother suffer from throughout the narrator's life?

Short Essay Questions

1. In segment 13, what happens between the narrator and the lover that results in the narrator being turned off by the lover for the first time?

2. In segment 14, the school officially complains to the mother about the outlandish behavior of her daughter. What does the mother say and how does the school respond?

3. Describe what would happen to the wives of the colonial potentates and the law of error.

4. Would the brothers and the narrator be considered to be equals?

5. In the opening of the novel, how does the narrator appear?

6. Do the narrator and the lover have contact at any point after the narrator leaves Chochinchina for France? If so, describe this contact.

7. What is the social and economic status of the lover when the narrator meets him?

8. Describe the mother's behavior toward her daughter's conduct during the height of her relationship with the lover in segments 15 and 16.

9. What does the relationship do to the couple with reference to society?

10. On occasion, when the mother would emerge from her depression, she would instruct the house to be cleaned. How would the family respond and why do you think they would feel this way?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There are four female characters in this novel. Discuss the role of women in the novel and their relationship and interaction with one another. What are the defining relationships in the novel and what do we learn from them?

Essay Topic 2

French Indochina was a French colony predominantly made up of non-Caucasian natives and French and foreign colonists. How would this arrangement lead to the presence of institutional or colonial racism? How is colonial racism addressed in this novel? What characters in the novel express racism? Provide examples.

Essay Topic 3

References to water and the sea are used in many segments throughout the novel. Explain the role of the sea or water in the novel. Provide several examples where it is used.

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