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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the narrator's friend?
(a) Harriet Lagonelle.
(b) Harriet Lancaster.
(c) Hélène Lagonelle.
(d) Hélène Lancaster.

2. In which city does the family reside while living in Chochichina?
(a) Sadec.
(b) Saigon.
(c) Can Thoa.
(d) Bien Hoa.

3. After the father's death, the mother is in control of the family's finances. She consequently mismanages the money, leaving the family poor. What did the mother buy that resulted in the loss of the family's wealth?
(a) Clothes.
(b) Property.
(c) Furniture.
(d) Jewelry.

4. Who travels between France and Chochinchina about every year or so?
(a) The narrator.
(b) The lover.
(c) The older brother.
(d) The mother.

5. What happens to the wives of the colonial potentates as they age in the colony?
(a) They get wiser with the years.
(b) They grow closer to their husbands.
(c) They slowly grow mad.
(d) They tutor the younger women.

6. While living in the French colony of Chochinchina, in what city is the narrator's school located?
(a) Saigon.
(b) Sadec.
(c) Bien Hoa.
(d) Can Tho.

7. Around what time is the novel narrated?
(a) 1929.
(b) 1983.
(c) 1989.
(d) 1973.

8. What becomes enshrined in the ravaged face of the narrator?
(a) Fear of the older brother.
(b) Hatred of the mother.
(c) Regret over the lover.
(d) Envy of her friend's wealth.

9. What type of stores does the narrator often visit?
(a) Twice-discounted clothing stores.
(b) Grocery stores.
(c) Lingerie stores.
(d) Writing supplies stores.

10. What type of courses does is the younger brother enrolled in?
(a) Real Estate courses.
(b) Bookkeeping courses.
(c) Math courses.
(d) Science courses.

11. What happened between the older brother and Dô?
(a) She beat him.
(b) He attempted to rape her.
(c) They ran away together.
(d) They fell in love.

12. What style of man's hat does the narrator wear?
(a) Cowboy.
(b) Derby.
(c) Fedora.
(d) Top.

13. During the scene on the ferry, why does the narrator go to stand by the railing?
(a) She wants to see the water.
(b) She is waiting for someone.
(c) She is seasick.
(d) She is bored.

14. What is the mother obsessed with in regards to the narrator?
(a) Sending her to France.
(b) Having her escape poverty.
(c) Having her marry the lover.
(d) Her being a great writer.

15. What subject is the narrator less successful in?
(a) Mathematics.
(b) French.
(c) Literature.
(d) English.

Short Answer Questions

1. What material is the narrator's dress made of?

2. How old was the narrator when she cut her hair for the first time?

3. Whose wasteful lifestyle contributes to the family's poverty?

4. Where did the family go after the father's death?

5. How does the narrator think the younger brother died?

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