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Who am I?

• Pretend you are on a ferry crossing a river like in the book.

• Create a character for yourself and have others in the class try to guess where you came from and where you are going.

• Come up with clues to give the class to help them guess or wear an outfit that is representative of that character.

Playing Host/Hostess

In the novel, particularly in segment 14, the narrator talks about houses she attended in Paris during World War II. She describes literary, political and art discussions with groups of distinguished people.

• Pretend that you are the head of a "house." Pick 4 or 5 important, famous or well-known people, a discussion topic and come up with a fictional conversation had at your "house."

• Include where your house is located, what was discussed, what type of meal you served, if any, and how these people interacted with...

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