The Lover Character Descriptions

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The Narrator - This character's favorite outfit includes gold lame shoes and a man's hat with a black ribbon.

The Lover - This character is a Chinese financier whose family is wealthy.

The Mother (Marie Legrand) - This character runs a French language school in French Indochina.

The Older Brother - This character has violent tendencies and gambles compulsively.

The Younger Brother (Paulo) - This usually unexceptional character has a brief affair with a married woman aboard an ocean liner.

Hélène Lagonelle (H.L.) - Schoolmate and confidant, this character seems immature and decidedly uninterested in sexual matters.

The Father - After becoming ill, this character leaves the family to seek treatment, but dies soon after.

- An accomplished seamstress, this character uses old dresses to make new clothing for another character.

The Narrator's Child - Somewhat trivial in the novel, this character...

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