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Short Answer Questions

1. When Susie was still alive, why is Ruth Connors reprimanded for her drawings in art class?

2. What horrible act is described in Chapter 1?

3. What items does Lindsey stroke when she enters Susie's room for the first time after her death?

4. What does Ruth Connors steal out of Clarissa's locker?

5. Who lures Jack into drinking, even though he promised not to do so during Susie's mourning period?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the first picture Susie takes of her mother so memorable to Susie?

2. How does Mr. Harvey dispose of Susie's body?

3. What first makes Susie start to think that there might be other heavens other than just her own?

4. Why does Grandma Lynn at first avoid Lindsey's questions about who her father suspects was involved in Susie's murder?

5. How do the police respond to Jack's constant phone calls about Mr. Harvey?

6. When was the last time Mr. Harvey saw his mother?

7. What is Susie referring to when she speaks of her "Evensong"?

8. After she tells of her own murder, what embarrassing story about Lindsey does Susie recall?

9. What treats do Susie and Holly find in their heavens?

10. How does Susie respond to Buckley's claim that he can see her ghost?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Susie's entering Ruth's body and then making love to Ray makes the leap from fiction to fantasy. Write an argument explaining why this leap does or does not work with the text and what literary devices Sebold uses to make the leap.

Essay Topic 2

Ruana's introduction into the text is quite complicated; she is simultaneously beautiful while suggesting hideous things. Present an argument, using at least three examples from the text, that Ruana is either a good OR a bad character. Make sure to support your position with quotes.

Essay Topic 3

The Lovely Bones contains many instances of juxtaposed situations, themes, and characters. Choose one chapter from the novel and compare and contrast two juxtaposed narrative devices, characters, or situations.

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