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Short Answer Questions

1. While in the hospital, what does Abigail want Fenerman to admit?

2. Who is the narrator of The Lovely Bones?

3. How do the neighbors feel about Mr. Harvey?

4. How does Det. Fenerman respond to Jack's first phone call about Mr. Harvey being involved in the death of his daughter?

5. How often does Jack walk by Mr. Harvey's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Buckley's family members respond when he mentions that he sees Susie all the time after her death?

2. When Lindsey and Ruth are up late talking about Susie at the symposium, what does Ruth say her bad dreams are about?

3. Why does Jack become suspicious of Mr. Harvey's involvement in Susie's death?

4. Why does Grandma Lynn at first avoid Lindsey's questions about who her father suspects was involved in Susie's murder?

5. How is the reader supposed to interpret Lindsey's reaction to seeing Mr. Harvey at Susie's memorial?

6. How does Mr. Harvey dispose of Susie's body?

7. When Buckley keeps asking where his sister is immediately after her murder, why do his parents suggest going to the zoo?

8. What is Susie referring to when she speaks of her "Evensong"?

9. Who is Claire?

10. How does Ruth Connors begin expressing herself after she sees Susie's ghost?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While the character of Mr. Harvey is quite complicated, Sebold lets the reader into his background, mindset, and psychology more than an average author might. Using what the reader knows about Mr. Harvey's dreams, discuss three aspects of his character that the reader may not otherwise have known about.

Essay Topic 2

Detective Fenerman and the police department play a significant role in the story in The Lovely Bones, even if that role is made significant by their inaction. Discuss 1) how an author can use authority figures in a text, 2) how/if an author relies upon an inherent trust between the reader and authority figures, and 3) at least three ways the relationship between a reader and a text's authority figures can be manipulated (positively or negatively) in a story line.

Essay Topic 3

The "Snapshots" chapter is unlike any other in The Lovely Bones. Discuss what function it serves in the text and why Sebold may have chosen to switch to this style in the middle of the novel (and then switch back in the very next chapter).

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