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Suburban Pennsylvania

This is the main setting of this story.

The Charm Bracelet

This is found in deep mud, miles away from its original location. It symbolizes a character's body.

The Cornfield

This is the location of a murder and, later, a beating.


This is on the back of a character's soccer shirt.

Susie's Heaven

This is one character's way station for what will come next. In it, dogs play with abandon.

The Wide, Wide Heaven

This is a comfortable and second location for a character.

Mr. Harvey's Underground Room

This earthen room is under a cornfield and it is where a character is brutally raped and murdered.

The Sinkhole

This location is behind a neighbor's house and where a character's body is buried.

Ships in a Bottle

These items represent a character's hobby and, after a murder, are destroyed by this same character.

Susie's Elbow


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