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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is something that bothers Aimée about Dennis?
(a) He has bad breath.
(b) He is too tall.
(c) He has a bad temper.
(d) He can be unethical.

2. What does Mr. Slump say the poet obviously has?
(a) A crush on Aimée.
(b) Character defects.
(c) A need for women to take care of him.
(d) Honroable intentions.

3. What does Sir Ambrose say will damage the credibility of Englishmen in Hollywood?
(a) For Dennis to become a non-sectarian minister.
(b) For Dennis to go into acting.
(c) For Dennis not to head the cricket team.
(d) For Dennis to marry a mortician.

4. Who does Aimée write about to the columnist a second time?
(a) If she should return to England.
(b) If Dennis is right for her.
(c) If she expects too much from men.
(d) If Mr. Joyboy is right for her.

5. What does Sir Ambrose say to Dennis when Sir Ambrose arrives at the pet mortuary?
(a) That he received Dennis' card about becoming a minister.
(b) That Dennis cannot marry a mortician.
(c) That Dennis has been chosen as captain of the cricket team.
(d) That the police are asking about Dennis.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Guru Brahmin produced?

2. What does Dennis continue to send Aimée?

3. In what does Dennis seem unnaturally interested?

4. How is Mr. Slump's appearance?

5. What does Sir Ambrose urge Dennis to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Aimée's date with Mr. Joyboy to meet his mother.

2. What does Mr. Slump say about women regarding men?

3. What does the cricket club do in order to induce Dennis to return to England?

4. Who is Guru Brahmin?

5. What does the narrator explain about Aimée and where she was raised at the opening of this chapter?

6. How is Mr. Slump feeling at the opening to this chapter and why?

7. Describe the conversation between Mr. Joyboy and Aimée concerning Dennis' poems.

8. How does Dennis start wooing Aimée?

9. Why has Aimée written a local newspaper columnist and what does he reply to her?

10. How is Mr. Slump described and what does he write to Aimée after she writes of her thoughts about Dennis?

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