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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Aimée decided to do?
(a) Look for someone besides her present two suitors.
(b) Marry Mr. Joyboy.
(c) Marry Dennis anyway.
(d) Join a convent.

2. How does Mr. Joyboy fashion a smile on a corpse?
(a) With cotton balls.
(b) With pins.
(c) Sewing the lips in place.
(d) With cardboard under the lip.

3. What does Dennis find shockingly tasteless?
(a) Aimée's dress.
(b) Aimée's hat.
(c) Aimée's engagement to Mr. Joyboy.
(d) His first nutburger.

4. To what does Aimée owe the shaping of her brain and body?
(a) Being raised in a strict Catholic home.
(b) A mild birth defect.
(c) A mishap when she is a toddler.
(d) Being raised in southern California.

5. Why are the other cosmeticians jealous of Aimée?
(a) Dennis has been paying a lot of attention to her.
(b) Her bodies have better smiles than theirs.
(c) Mr. Kenworthy has promoted her.
(d) Mr. Joyboy has promoted her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Guru Brahmin?

2. What does Dennis give to Aimée that strikes her as familiar?

3. What has Aimée been chosen to do?

4. What does Mr. Slump not know?

5. What does Aimée suggest Mr. Joyboy do?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Dennis get himself a first-class ticket home and solve Mr. Joyboy's problem about Aimée?

2. How is Mr. Joyboy described as he improves the smile of a corpse?

3. What does Dennis learn from Erroll Bartholomew?

4. What does Aimée write to the columnist about Dennis?

5. Why are the other cosmeticians becoming jealous of Aimée?

6. How does Aimée react to the latest love poem from Dennis, and what does she not realize about the poem?

7. How do Dennis' poems help Aimée feel better and what does she do with one of them?

8. Describe Aimée's date with Mr. Joyboy to meet his mother.

9. What does Mr. Slump not know at the moment and how does he react to another letter from Aimée?

10. Why is Mr. Joyboy fearful and what does Dennis realize Mr. Joyboy wants?

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