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Los Angeles

This is the city in which all the novel's action takes place.

Whispering Glades

This is the funeral home where Mr. Joyboy and Aimée work.

Sir Francis Hinsley's Home

This is a bungalow in ill repair, apparently in Beverly Hills.

The Happier Hunting Ground

This is the pet cemetery where Dennis works.

The Embalming Rooms

These are where Mr. Joyboy and the other morticians work on the second floor of the manor at Whispering Glades.

The Orchid Slumber Room

This is where Sir Francis Hinsley's body lies in state before his funeral.

The University Church

This is where the services are to be held for Sir Francis on the grounds of Whispering Glades.

Lake Island

This is an island within a lake on the grounds of Whispering Glades where Dennis goes to try to write a verse for the funeral of Sir Francis.

Lovers' Nook

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