The Loved One Character Descriptions

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Dennis Barlow

He is a twenty-eight year-old Englishman who has come to Los Angeles after writing a well-received book of poems.

Aimée Thanatogenos

She is the young cosmetician at the Whispering Glades funeral home.

Mr. Joyboy

He is the chief embalmer at Whispering Glades and the rival of Dennis for Aimée's hand.

Sir Ambrose Abercrombie

He is a British actor living in Hollywood who made action pictures when he was younger.

Sir Francis Hinsley

He works in the public relations department at Megalopolitan Pictures.

Guru Brahmin

This is actually two men and a secretary who collaborate on an advice column for a Los Angeles newspaper.

Mrs. Joyboy

She is the mother of the embalmer and lives with him and dominates his life.

Mr. Schultz

He is the owner of the pet cemetery where Dennis works.

Dr. Wilbur Kenworthy

He is the founder of Whispering Glades.

Juanita del Pablo

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