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A Warning and Chapter One

• The Loved One is a satire taking place in post-war America in two funeral homes, one for humans and another one for pets.

• The author warns the readers to put the book away if easily upset. Chapter one begins with a description of the surroundings.

• Two Englishmen are drinking and talking and one says that Ambrose Abercrombie will arrive soon although why he does not say.

• Sir Francis Hinsley, the elder talks about Americans and he says they are decent people who do not expect others to listen to them.

• Sir Ambrose arrives and accepts a drink from Barlow. Ambrose is just under sixty and tells his elder, Sir Francis Englishmen must stick together.
• The two are in Los Angeles working for the film studio Megalopolitan Pictures. Sir Francis was formerly their chief script writer.

• Francis is also the only knight in Hollywood...

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