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Tatjana Soli
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does Helen ask Darrow for help?
(a) Loading her film.
(b) Adjusting her aperture.
(c) Putting on the body harness.
(d) Tying her combat boots.

2. What does Darrow tell Helen during Christmas dinner?
(a) Jack has been killed.
(b) She needs to go back to the states.
(c) He is leaving the country.
(d) He wants to marry her.

3. What does a soldier say about the Vietnamese and life?
(a) Nothing is said about the Vietnamese and life.
(b) They have no life with the war in their country.
(c) They do not value it like Americans.
(d) They believe life is sacred.

4. What do Helen and Darrow do the night they meet after dinner?
(a) Go out and shoot some pictures.
(b) Go to bed together.
(c) Go dancing.
(d) Spend a long time talking.

5. In what kind of unit is Frank MacCrae serving?
(a) Armor.
(b) Sappers.
(c) Artillery.
(d) Special Forces.

6. What happens shortly after Linh meets his first American?
(a) His village is bombed and his family is killed.
(b) His son is born.
(c) He is discharged from the army.
(d) He is arrested by the Americans.

7. What type of stories did Helen do on Cambodia?
(a) Stories on their type of farmning.
(b) Stories about the animals there.
(c) Humanitarian.
(d) She did not do any stories on Cambodia.

8. What worries Darrow about Helen the most?
(a) That she will stay in Vietnam too long.
(b) That she really is pregnant.
(c) That she will be killed.
(d) That she will find someone else.

9. Why does Darrow send Linh to work with Helen?
(a) He is upset with Linh.
(b) He wants to keep Linh safe.
(c) Linh has asked to be assigned to her.
(d) He says Linh will be valuable to Helen.

10. What does Darrow make clear to Helen when she next sees him?
(a) That there is no chance for a relationship.
(b) That she should go home.
(c) That he will not take her in the field.
(d) That he does not want children.

11. What does Linh tell Helen he will do when she leaves that morning?
(a) He will get on a plane if she does not return.
(b) If she does not return he will stay in Saigon.
(c) He will meet her at his sister's.
(d) He was not at the apartment when she left.

12. Where was Linh sent when he answered a Help Wanted ad?
(a) A U.S. army base in Saigon.
(b) The Philippines.
(c) Cambodia.
(d) Hanoi.

13. Why does a Captain jump on Helen when she steps forward to take a picture of a grandfather?
(a) He says women should not be in the field.
(b) He says she is going to be killed.
(c) He says she is going to get them killed.
(d) He is angry she turned down his request for a date.

14. What does Helen arrange for Linh?
(a) A medic.
(b) Access to her bank account.
(c) A false passport.
(d) New paperwork.

15. How long has Annick lived in Vietnam?
(a) All her life.
(b) 15 years.
(c) 20 years.
(d) Five years.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Linh first spot Helen?

2. Why is Helen worried when she does not hear from Darrow?

3. What happens when the men in the book in question #1 eat the Lotus Flower?

4. What happens to MacCrae a few weeks after Helen meets him?

5. Why does the soldier allow Linh to stay with Helen?

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