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Tatjana Soli
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What worries Darrow about Helen the most?
(a) That she really is pregnant.
(b) That she will find someone else.
(c) That she will be killed.
(d) That she will stay in Vietnam too long.

2. What does Helen notice about how journalist act towards each other in the field?
(a) They help each other out and feel no competition.
(b) They compete and cooperate.
(c) It is dog eat dog.
(d) No one speaks to each other.

3. What does Helen start to do so the soldiers will respect her?
(a) Acts more like a woman.
(b) Takes chances for great pictures.
(c) Helps the medics save lives.
(d) Acts like a drill sergeant.

4. What did Linh do before he was drafted into the army?
(a) He was a writer and a poet.
(b) He was a farmer.
(c) He was a lawyer.
(d) He was a banker.

5. What is Helen's first assignment from Gary?
(a) To cover the Buddhist strikes.
(b) To write a report on Vietnamese families and the war.
(c) To take pictures of peaceful places in Saigon.
(d) To interview the American Ambassador.

6. What does Mr. Bao know about Linh?
(a) That Linh's family is alive.
(b) That Linh is a deserter.
(c) That Linh speaks English.
(d) That Linh wants to secretly kill Darrow.

7. Why is Helen worried when she does not hear from Darrow?
(a) She is afraid he has been killed.
(b) She thinks she might be pregnant.
(c) She worries about their relationship.
(d) She needs him to get out into the field.

8. How does Darrow get the Lieutenant to do what Darrow wants?
(a) Leaves one camera behind.
(b) Forgive a gambling debt.
(c) Slip him a hundred dollar bill.
(d) Agrees to leave Helen.

9. In what kind of unit is Frank MacCrae serving?
(a) Sappers.
(b) Special Forces.
(c) Artillery.
(d) Armor.

10. How do Darrow, Gary and Linh feel about Helen when they meet her?
(a) Pleased.
(b) Angry.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Excited to see a female journalist.

11. Where do Helen and Linh go?
(a) To the embassy.
(b) To a hospital.
(c) To an American army base.
(d) To his parents' house.

12. What do the taxis in Saigon look like?
(a) Green and black Toyotas.
(b) Blue and white Renaults.
(c) White and red Renaults.
(d) They vary.

13. What does Helen think she needs to do if she is going to survive Vietnam?
(a) Pretend to be a communist sympathizer.
(b) Make friends with others in Saigon.
(c) Get a flak vest and helmet.
(d) Stay out of the front lines.

14. What does Linh feel Helen is doing to him?
(a) Making him wonder if Vietnamese men treat their women wrong.
(b) Pushing him beyond his limits.
(c) Making him feel better about Americans.
(d) Making him fall in love with her.

15. What happens shortly after Linh meets his first American?
(a) He is arrested by the Americans.
(b) His village is bombed and his family is killed.
(c) He is discharged from the army.
(d) His son is born.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Darrow send Linh to work with Helen?

2. Why did Michael go to Vietnam?

3. What job does Helen have in Saigon?

4. What is Helen's brother's name?

5. Why is Helen stopped in the street?

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