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Tatjana Soli
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the taxis in Saigon look like?
(a) White and red Renaults.
(b) Green and black Toyotas.
(c) Blue and white Renaults.
(d) They vary.

2. Why is Helen angry at Darrow?
(a) For making light of her brother.
(b) For not helping her with the Lieutenant.
(c) For ignoring her all day.
(d) For telling everyone what happened in the field with Helen.

3. What does Jack say everyone is interested in as far as Helen is concerned?
(a) Sleeping with her.
(b) Helping her find her brother.
(c) Sending her back to the states.
(d) Seeing her fail.

4. What does Bao require Linh to do?
(a) Give him half of his pay.
(b) Bao has no interest in Linh.
(c) Work for the North.
(d) Steer Darrow towards pro communists people.

5. What is Helen's brother's name?
(a) Michael.
(b) Robert.
(c) James.
(d) Paul.

6. Why is Chuong allowed to stay in Helen's apartment building?
(a) He lives there with his mother.
(b) He is a good cook.
(c) He is the manager's nephew.
(d) He runs errands for the tenants.

7. What does Darrow make clear to Helen when she next sees him?
(a) That he does not want children.
(b) That he will not take her in the field.
(c) That there is no chance for a relationship.
(d) That she should go home.

8. What does Mr. Bao know about Linh?
(a) That Linh's family is alive.
(b) That Linh is a deserter.
(c) That Linh speaks English.
(d) That Linh wants to secretly kill Darrow.

9. From what story did the quote about the Lotus Eaters come?
(a) Star Wars.
(b) Jane Eyre.
(c) Call of the Wild.
(d) The Odessey.

10. How does Linh feel when he sees a picture of Helen and Darrow on Darrow's table?
(a) Happy.
(b) Surprised and jealous.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Angry.

11. What does Helen arrange for Linh?
(a) New paperwork.
(b) Access to her bank account.
(c) A false passport.
(d) A medic.

12. Why is Darrow arguing with a Lieutenant in Chapter 4?
(a) He says Darrow's camera equipment is too heavy.
(b) He wants Darrow to give him a bribe.
(c) He will not let Helen on the helicopter.
(d) He wants a date with Helen.

13. What does Linh feel Helen is doing to him?
(a) Making him fall in love with her.
(b) Making him wonder if Vietnamese men treat their women wrong.
(c) Making him feel better about Americans.
(d) Pushing him beyond his limits.

14. What happens shortly after Linh meets his first American?
(a) He is arrested by the Americans.
(b) His son is born.
(c) His village is bombed and his family is killed.
(d) He is discharged from the army.

15. Why does the soldier allow Linh to stay with Helen?
(a) They are married.
(b) He is an American citizen.
(c) He knows Linh.
(d) He says it doesn't matter anymore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Darrow give Helen the next morning?

2. What job does Helen have in Saigon?

3. In what kind of unit was Helen's brother?

4. What does Helen think she needs to do if she is going to survive Vietnam?

5. What does Helen hear when she wakes that morning?

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