The Lotus Eaters: A Novel Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tatjana Soli
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Chapter Abstracts

* Helen is a photojournalist who is in the city of Saigon which is in danger of falling to the communists.

* Helen is weaving through the streets to return to the apartment she shares with her Vietnamese love, Linh. She is stunned by the chaos.

* Helen has been taking pictures in Vietnam for three years. She began covering humanitarian stories as well as the war.

* That morning there was the sound of mortars on the edge of town and Helen woke with her adrenaline flowing.

* Linh and Helen know it is time to get out of the city but Linh is injured and that will make it more difficult.

* Helen wants to take a couple more pictures and Linh says if she does not return he will not leave. She says she will return.

* Helen meets up with two other photographers, Matt Tanner and Matt Clark. She...

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