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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mallinson describe Lo-Tsen?
(a) like a robot
(b) like a person in a trance
(c) like a spirit
(d) like an ivory doll

2. What does Conway dislike about his former life?
(a) having drinks with officials and preparing reports
(b) the long hours of work
(c) keeping his fiance happy
(d) being kept in an inferior position

3. How long is it before Conway sees the High Lama again?
(a) only a month
(b) a year
(c) three days
(d) six months

4. In subsequent meetings, what do Conway and the High Lama discuss?
(a) history and philosophy
(b) people and places
(c) religion and atheism
(d) war and peace

5. As his dream of Shangri-La dissolves, what does Conway agree to do?
(a) tell Chang good-bye
(b) never tell anyone about Shangri-La
(c) go with Mallinson
(d) cause an avalanche to bury Shangri-La

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Conway learn about Lo-Tsen?

2. Why does Barnard go frequently to the Valley of the Blue Moon?

3. What does the High Lama say about Conway's condition after he stays there for several decades?

4. What does Conway credit with having taken a lot out of him?

5. What does Conway next discover about Mallinson?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the valley like?

2. Explain what the High Lama sees as the future of the world.

3. Tell what Chang informs Barnard when he asks for a newspaper.

4. After leaving on his own, why does Mallinson return to Shangri-La?

5. Briefly describe Conway's feelings about being invited to speak with the High Lama.

6. How does Conway find out information about Lo-Tsen?

7. What is Conway's guess that turns out to be correct?

8. How does Conway find himself leading a double life?

9. Why does Conway say that the lamasery library is not up to date?

10. Describe the Dominican monk who came to the Blue Moon Valley in 1734.

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