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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the High Lama like?
(a) a wizened old man who speaks perfect English
(b) a young man, almost a child
(c) a tall, stout man in a white robe
(d) a man of average height and age

2. What does Miss Brinklow decide to do?
(a) set off on foot by herself
(b) start a Christian church in the valley
(c) write a book about Shangri-La
(d) learn the Tibetan language

3. Why is Conway excited about meeting the High Lama?
(a) to ask to join the order
(b) to ask for permission to leave
(c) to see if his theories are correct
(d) to see inside the lamasery

4. What does Mallinson want Conway to be?
(a) communicative
(b) pro-active
(c) stoic
(d) heroic

5. Who was the young Austrian who came to the valley of the Blue Moon around this period?
(a) Henschell
(b) Driscoll
(c) Virgil
(d) Henshaw

6. What explanation does Mallinson have for Conway's strange talk?
(a) He was seriously damaged by the war
(b) He is falling ill from lack of nutrition
(c) He is afraid of mountain climbing
(d) He is affected by the altitude

7. What does Conway credit with having taken a lot out of him?
(a) World War I
(b) too much travel
(c) teaching at Oxford
(d) working for the government

8. What custom of the people did Father Perrault observe?
(a) polygamy being practiced
(b) doing as little work as possible
(c) building elaborate houses
(d) using a local berry as a narcotic

9. What does Conway learn from Chang?
(a) that he was kidnapped and brought to the lamasery
(b) that he is only 22 years old
(c) that he will never become a lama
(d) that he spent the first five years as an ordinary man

10. Why does Miss Brinklow decide she wants to stay?
(a) to avoid the war she is sure is coming
(b) to become a female lama
(c) to start a mission
(d) to get married and have children

11. What did Father Perrault decide to do in the Valley?
(a) get his strength back and leave
(b) give up his vows and marry a Valley woman
(c) turn the Buddhist monastery into a Christian one
(d) build himself a palace and retire there

12. What is special about the French lama, Alphonse Briac?
(a) he studied under Chopin
(b) he fought with Napoleon
(c) he speaks eleven languages
(d) he knew Moliere

13. What does the High Lama say the Valley is free of?
(a) lust, war, and brutality
(b) pain, suffering, and death
(c) politics, crime, and fear
(d) debt, homelessness, and over working

14. What does the High Lama want to know about Conway?
(a) if he can write Chinese
(b) if he is married with children
(c) if he can keep secrets
(d) if he can speak French

15. Of the four in their group, what do all of them except Mallinson decide?
(a) they would like to escape as soon as possible
(b) they need to have more conversation among themselves
(c) they would like to stay in Shangri-La for awhile
(d) they will become accustomed to the food

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens with Conway and the Chinese girl?

2. What does Conway dislike about his former life?

3. Who does Conway meet during the next week after his visit to the High Lama?

4. Who does Barnard turn out to be?

5. How does Conway feel after his interview with the High Lama?

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