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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Brinklow decide to do?
(a) set off on foot by herself
(b) start a Christian church in the valley
(c) write a book about Shangri-La
(d) learn the Tibetan language

2. Returning to Conway, what does Mallinson think about doing?
(a) committing suicide
(b) blowing up Shangri-La and killing the High Lama
(c) kidnapping the High Lama
(d) forcing Conway to go with him at gun point

3. How does Conway feel after his interview with the High Lama?
(a) confused and skeptical
(b) serene and happy
(c) anxious and miserable
(d) angry and determined

4. What happens at breakfast the morning after Conway visits the High Lama?
(a) the others show Conway deep respect
(b) the others all have questions about the meeting
(c) Conway's breakfast is served in his room
(d) the others will not speak to Conway

5. What disturbs Mallinson after the porters come and go without taking him with them?
(a) Blue Moon men are the ones who go for their supplies
(b) He will have to wait nine months for the next ones
(c) No porters will ever agree to take him away
(d) There really are no porters

6. Who does Conway meet during the next week after his visit to the High Lama?
(a) Lo-Tsen
(b) some of the lamas
(c) another Englishman
(d) a music teacher

7. Who does Barnard turn out to be?
(a) Martin Sanders, an American pilot
(b) Chalmers Bryant, a man wanted by the police
(c) an exiled political leader
(d) a secret undercover agent

8. How old was Father Perrault when he settled in the Valley in 1734?
(a) 66
(b) 25
(c) 42
(d) 53

9. How old is the most recent book in the library?
(a) ten years old
(b) a hundred years old
(c) fifty years old
(d) one year old

10. What does Conway say he considers himself?
(a) ambitious
(b) ordinary
(c) uneducated
(d) lazy

11. What does Conway next discover about Mallinson?
(a) He is interested in Lo-Tsen
(b) He wants to become a lama
(c) He has been stealing artifacts
(d) He has deicded he wants to stay

12. What is the High Lama like?
(a) a man of average height and age
(b) a wizened old man who speaks perfect English
(c) a young man, almost a child
(d) a tall, stout man in a white robe

13. What explanation does Mallinson have for Conway's strange talk?
(a) He is falling ill from lack of nutrition
(b) He was seriously damaged by the war
(c) He is afraid of mountain climbing
(d) He is affected by the altitude

14. What does Conway also learn from the High Lama?
(a) explorers are coming to the valley
(b) the library is about to expand
(c) no one can leave Shangri-La
(d) the mountain is crumbling

15. What was Chang before coming to Shangri-La?
(a) a teacher
(b) a soldier
(c) an explorer
(d) a Taoist monk

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the monk who came to the Valley of the Blue Moon in the 18th Century?

2. What has never happened before at Shangri-La?

3. What does Briac possess that he shares with Conway?

4. What does Conway credit with having taken a lot out of him?

5. How does Mallinson challenge Conway?

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