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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Miss Brinklow decide she wants to stay?
(a) to get married and have children
(b) to become a female lama
(c) to avoid the war she is sure is coming
(d) to start a mission

2. What are the quarters of the High Lama like?
(a) an apartment with a low roof
(b) a spacious throne room
(c) a room filled with memorabilia
(d) a set of luxurious suites

3. What does Chang do after he delivers Conway to the High Lama?
(a) takes a seat next to the High Lama
(b) stands guard at the door
(c) makes tea
(d) leaves them alone

4. What does Conway learn from Chang?
(a) that he spent the first five years as an ordinary man
(b) that he will never become a lama
(c) that he is only 22 years old
(d) that he was kidnapped and brought to the lamasery

5. What has never happened before at Shangri-La?
(a) an avalanche on Mt. Karakal
(b) the High Lama seeing someone again so soon
(c) the High Lama leaving his apartment
(d) becoming a lama after only one visit to the High Lama

6. What does Mallinson insist about Lo-Tsen?
(a) She needs to go where her music will be heard
(b) She is young and needs to get out of the dreary place
(c) She has been trying to leave ever since she arrived
(d) She is young and in love with him

7. What was the monk's condition when he reached the valley?
(a) near death
(b) suffering amnesia
(c) hungry but mobile
(d) healthy but tired

8. What does Chang tell Barnard about newspapers at Shangri-La?
(a) there are old copies of Chinese newspapers
(b) there are old copies of the London Times
(c) there are no newspapers there
(d) newspapers are not available except to the lamas

9. What does Conway learn about Lo-Tsen?
(a) She was a Chinese princess
(b) She is over 300 years old
(c) She is a very new arrival
(d) She learned to play the harpsichord at Shangri-La

10. What social event happens that Conway is familiar with?
(a) a repast of sweet cakes
(b) bowing low
(c) a tea ceremony
(d) a moment of silence

11. What does Mallinson want to know?
(a) how soon they can leave
(b) if there are guards in the lamasery
(c) what the High Lama looks like
(d) where the High Lama's rooms are

12. Who does Barnard turn out to be?
(a) an exiled political leader
(b) Martin Sanders, an American pilot
(c) Chalmers Bryant, a man wanted by the police
(d) a secret undercover agent

13. What does Conway credit with having taken a lot out of him?
(a) World War I
(b) teaching at Oxford
(c) working for the government
(d) too much travel

14. Why does Barnard decide he wants to stay there?
(a) He has fathered a child
(b) If he leaves, he will be arrested
(c) He has married a tibetan woman
(d) He has become lazy and spoiled

15. After Conway tells Mallinson what he knows about Shangri-La, what does Mallinson think about Conway?
(a) that he is making the whole thing up
(b) that he will leave with him anyway
(c) that he has lost his mind
(d) that he is trying to take Lo-Tsen from him

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the monk who came to the Valley of the Blue Moon in the 18th Century?

2. What does Mallinson insist is their responsibility?

3. What does Briac possess that he shares with Conway?

4. What does Conway say he considers himself?

5. What does Conway admit about himself?

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