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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Conway credit with having taken a lot out of him?
(a) working for the government
(b) too much travel
(c) World War I
(d) teaching at Oxford

2. What explanation does Mallinson have for Conway's strange talk?
(a) He is afraid of mountain climbing
(b) He is affected by the altitude
(c) He was seriously damaged by the war
(d) He is falling ill from lack of nutrition

3. What does Conway try to warn Mallinson about?
(a) the dangers of avalanche on the mountains
(b) Lo-Tsen's real age and what will happen to her if she leaves
(c) the guards around Shangri-La who will shoot to kill
(d) an approaching snow storm

4. When does the High Lama say the meek shall inherit the earth?
(a) after the next great war
(b) when everyone learns about shangri-La
(c) before the end of the earth
(d) once the strong devour each other

5. Who does Barnard turn out to be?
(a) a secret undercover agent
(b) Martin Sanders, an American pilot
(c) an exiled political leader
(d) Chalmers Bryant, a man wanted by the police

6. What are the quarters of the High Lama like?
(a) a spacious throne room
(b) an apartment with a low roof
(c) a set of luxurious suites
(d) a room filled with memorabilia

7. In subsequent meetings, what do Conway and the High Lama discuss?
(a) religion and atheism
(b) people and places
(c) war and peace
(d) history and philosophy

8. What social event happens that Conway is familiar with?
(a) a tea ceremony
(b) a repast of sweet cakes
(c) bowing low
(d) a moment of silence

9. Who was the monk who came to the Valley of the Blue Moon in the 18th Century?
(a) Brother Piedmont
(b) Brother Pierre
(c) Father Perrault
(d) Father Perrier

10. Why does Miss Brinklow decide she wants to stay?
(a) to start a mission
(b) to become a female lama
(c) to avoid the war she is sure is coming
(d) to get married and have children

11. What does Chang say about anyone who falls in love with Lo-Tsen?
(a) She will suddenly show her real age
(b) She will respond and want to leave
(c) She will respond without passion
(d) She will be repulsed

12. What does Conway dislike about his former life?
(a) the long hours of work
(b) having drinks with officials and preparing reports
(c) being kept in an inferior position
(d) keeping his fiance happy

13. Why does Conway not approach Lo-Tsen about his love for her?
(a) he doesn't think about it
(b) he fears rejection
(c) he feels there is plenty of time
(d) he wants to worship her afar

14. What happens with Conway and the Chinese girl?
(a) he stops seeing her
(b) he teaches her to play the Chopin pieces
(c) he falls in love with her
(d) he goes to her apartment

15. What does Conway next discover about Mallinson?
(a) He has been stealing artifacts
(b) He is interested in Lo-Tsen
(c) He wants to become a lama
(d) He has deicded he wants to stay

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the High Lama say about Conway's condition after he stays there for several decades?

2. When he is with the others, what does Conway pretend?

3. Who does Conway meet during the next week after his visit to the High Lama?

4. How old was Father Perrault when he settled in the Valley in 1734?

5. After Conway tells Mallinson what he knows about Shangri-La, what does Mallinson think about Conway?

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