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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Mallinson and Miss Brinklow conclude about the pilot?
(a) that he's harmless
(b) that he's a secret agent
(c) that he's a kidnapper
(d) that he's insane

2. What does Chang say Shangri-La avoids?
(a) severe fluctuations of weather
(b) death and disease
(c) contamination from the outside world
(d) avalanches from the mountains

3. What is Captain Charles Mallinson's position?
(a) RAF military attache
(b) Ambassador to Siam
(c) H.M. Vice-Consul
(d) Governor of Punjab

4. As the plane continues on its odd course, what does Conway do?
(a) he begins singing
(b) he tries to think of something to talk about
(c) he starts to panic
(d) he falls asleep

5. Who are the men dressed in sheepskins, fur hats and yak skin boots?
(a) Chinese
(b) Africans
(c) Tibetans
(d) Europeans

6. Where had the pilot told Conway they are?
(a) in Pakistan near Mr. Everest
(b) in Tibet near a place called Shangri-La
(c) in Nepal near the chinese border
(d) in the Swiss Alps

7. What begins to worry Conway as they fly on?
(a) when they will run out of fuel
(b) how much water is left on board
(c) how they will stay warm when the plane lands
(d) what they will eat

8. Why has Conway been satisfied with his position in Baskul?
(a) he is studying Hindi
(b) he is ambitious and it is a stepping stone
(c) he prefers adventure to plum posts
(d) he prefers the weather to that of London

9. What happens on the ship after Conway becomes depressed?
(a) for twenty hours he pours his heart out to Rutherford
(b) he goes to his cabin and refuses to come out
(c) he goes on a hunger strike
(d) he attempts several times to jump overboard

10. What do the Tibetans believe that Miss Brinklow thinks is horrible?
(a) that there is no God
(b) that God lives in the Himalayas
(c) the human sacrifice is necessary
(d) that man descended from monkeys

11. What is surprising about the facilities at Shangri-La?
(a) it sways with the winds
(b) it has modern tiles and fixtures
(c) it glows in the dark
(d) it stays warm without fire

12. Why are the British evacuating white residents from Baskul to Peshawar?
(a) more people are needed in Peshawar
(b) there is an outbreak of malaria in Baskul
(c) there are flood waters in Baskul
(d) the political situation is worsening in Baskul

13. Who is Lo-Tsen?
(a) an older Chinese woman lama
(b) a deaf mute Chinese girl
(c) the supervisor of the domestic staff
(d) a beautiful Chinese girl who plays the harpsichord

14. What does Conway observe about Chang at dinner?
(a) He does not talk
(b) He eats little
(c) He only eats meat
(d) He drinks a lot of wine

15. Why do they not talk much on the way to the lamasery?
(a) because they are too far apart
(b) because of the thin air at that altitude
(c) because they are plotting an escape
(d) because they are too excited

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Conway's friends and professors at Oxford expect of him?

2. After climbing up the mountain, what do they face next?

3. As they take off, what does Mallinson observe and mention to Conway?

4. What is Conway's advice to the group?

5. Who is the mystery man on board the plane?

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