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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Captain Charles Mallinson's position?
(a) Ambassador to Siam
(b) RAF military attache
(c) Governor of Punjab
(d) H.M. Vice-Consul

2. What do Barnard and Mallinson begin to think about?
(a) how the monks never go out of the lamasery
(b) how the monks came to Shangri-La
(c) how the monks get their money
(d) how the monks survive the winters

3. What is Karakal?
(a) the name of the nearest village
(b) a beautiful cone-shaped mountain
(c) the road to Shangri-La
(d) a Tibetan form of greeting

4. What does the Mother superior say about Conway?
(a) he was dressed shabbily and had been very ill
(b) he could only speak Chinese
(c) he came from the Himalayas
(d) he plays the piano very well

5. What do the men do in the plane after giving up plans to take out the pilot?
(a) plan what to do when they land
(b) start to drink brandy
(c) go immediately to sleep
(d) have a cigar

6. What precaution do the Tibetans take for their safety?
(a) light signal fires along the way
(b) tie them together with ropes
(c) warn them to be very quiet
(d) put them in back

7. What do Green, Rutherford, and Tertius have in common?
(a) they are old school chums
(b) they are all traveling to Baskul
(c) they are British agents
(d) they are all novelists

8. What is the man wearing in the hooded chair?
(a) a blue blanket
(b) a fur coat
(c) a blue Chinese robe
(d) a suit of armor

9. What nourishment do they offer the four survivors?
(a) yak jerky
(b) brandy
(c) hot soup
(d) fruit and wine

10. What does Mallinson think has happened to them?
(a) they are actually dead
(b) they have been kidnapped
(c) they are all having the same dream
(d) they have lost their minds

11. What does Miss Brinklow want to do that Chang says is impossible?
(a) buy some cosmetics
(b) get some cigarettes
(c) climb Karakal
(d) watch the monks at work

12. What is the subject of Green's book that Rutherford read?
(a) neurology
(b) psychology
(c) phrenology
(d) cosmology

13. Who are the men dressed in sheepskins, fur hats and yak skin boots?
(a) Africans
(b) Tibetans
(c) Chinese
(d) Europeans

14. As the plane continues on its odd course, what does Conway do?
(a) he begins singing
(b) he falls asleep
(c) he starts to panic
(d) he tries to think of something to talk about

15. What does Miss Brinklow have that surprises the men?
(a) some brandy she gives the pilot
(b) a small pistol for self defence
(c) a package of cigarettes
(d) a deck of playing cards

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Lo-Tsen?

2. What is Conway's advice to the group?

3. What do they have to do to get to the lamasery?

4. Where is Conway pretty sure they have landed?

5. What do the men ask Miss Brinklow?

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