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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Mallinson and Miss Brinklow conclude about the pilot?
(a) that he's harmless
(b) that he's a secret agent
(c) that he's a kidnapper
(d) that he's insane

2. What do Conway and Mallinson try to do?
(a) figure out where the plane is
(b) devise a survival plan
(c) keep the others from knowing
(d) make a plan to capture the pilot

3. What does Sanders say happened that has never been explained?
(a) it snowed in Baskul the day the planes left
(b) one of the planes could not get off the ground
(c) a strange Tibetan monk got on one plane
(d) a plane with three passengers disappeared

4. What is Miss Brinklow's reaction to the situation?
(a) oddly open-minded
(b) alarmingly hysterical
(c) surprisingly noncommital
(d) sure that prayer will save them

5. Where had Rutherford found Conway?
(a) an abbey in Hong Kong
(b) a monastery in Shanghai
(c) a tenement in Peking
(d) a hospital in Chung-Kiang

6. When Sanders joins the three men, what does he talk about?
(a) the price of oil
(b) the evacuation of Baskul
(c) the threat of war
(d) gold mining

7. What is the man wearing in the hooded chair?
(a) a fur coat
(b) a blue Chinese robe
(c) a suit of armor
(d) a blue blanket

8. Who are the men dressed in sheepskins, fur hats and yak skin boots?
(a) Chinese
(b) Europeans
(c) Africans
(d) Tibetans

9. What is the subject of Green's book that Rutherford read?
(a) neurology
(b) psychology
(c) cosmology
(d) phrenology

10. What is Captain Charles Mallinson's position?
(a) RAF military attache
(b) Governor of Punjab
(c) H.M. Vice-Consul
(d) Ambassador to Siam

11. What sound do they hear as they climb?
(a) avalanches
(b) the cry of yaks
(c) rumbling drums
(d) planes overhead

12. What has Miss Brinklow heard about the Tibetans?
(a) that they detest any outsiders
(b) that they are very hospitable
(c) that they seldom speak
(d) that they are odd people

13. What is the loud noise they hear?
(a) the landing gear collapses
(b) the tail breaks off
(c) the wings fall off
(d) a tire explodes

14. What does Conway believe that causes him to lead the group to the lamasery the pilot told him about?
(a) that they will never find it
(b) that they will all die trying to find it
(c) that Buddhist monks are unlikely to murder them
(d) that it really does not exist

15. Who is the mystery man on board the plane?
(a) Hugh Conway
(b) Wyland Sanders
(c) Henry D. Barnard, an American
(d) Charles Mallinson

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Conway try to reason with Mallinson to accept that they have to wait for guides out of Shangri-La?

2. Where is the opening scene of the novel?

3. As they take off, what does Mallinson observe and mention to Conway?

4. As the survivors head out to find the lamasery, what do they see?

5. What precaution do the Tibetans take for their safety?

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