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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Conway learn about Mallinson and Lo-Tsen?
(a) that they have made physical love
(b) that they do not really love each other
(c) that she is waiting for him with the porters
(d) that they have broken up and she waits for Conway

2. What precaution do the Tibetans take for their safety?
(a) tie them together with ropes
(b) light signal fires along the way
(c) put them in back
(d) warn them to be very quiet

3. After climbing up the mountain, what do they face next?
(a) a herd of wild yaks
(b) crossing a suspension bridge
(c) going down a rope ladder
(d) descending into a deep abyss

4. How does Mallinson describe Lo-Tsen?
(a) like a robot
(b) like an ivory doll
(c) like a person in a trance
(d) like a spirit

5. What was Chang before coming to Shangri-La?
(a) a Taoist monk
(b) a soldier
(c) an explorer
(d) a teacher

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Conway's friends and professors at Oxford expect of him?

2. On a walk, what does Conway overhear about how they were brought to Shangri-La?

3. What does the pilot do when he regains consciousness?

4. What is the subject of Green's book that Rutherford read?

5. What does the High Lama want to know about Conway?

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